Facebook Just Censored Over 20 Conservative Pages, Silencing Alt-Media

Facebook is at it again….

They have removed our ability to publish articles to our Facebook Fan Pages totaling somewhere around 3.5 million. If this is part of their “fake news” battle they need to take a look at CNN, MSNBC instead. We have colleagues that have also been affected by this latest crud to censor free speech, and of the 20 pages those are just of the ones we know. If you have been affected or know someone that has been hit do let us know.

We here at DailyHeadlines pride ourselves on fact checking and confirming the legitimacy of all our articles we publish. If we get it wrong… and we do… we are human. We own it. We don’t hide it is some backpage editorial.


Here is a list of pages we own and operate.

We wil update you if we hear anything back from big brother (Facebook)







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E. Goldstein

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