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Here Are The Most Heavily Armed Sates, Where Is Yours

While this list is lengthy, it does not include categories like pistols, which make up a large percentage of the guns in the U.S. As such, the total numbers of guns in each state would actually be much higher than the figures here. 51. New York New York comes in at number 51, with only […]


Student Parks Car In Neighbor’s Driveway, Left A Note That

A student reportedly left his car on a couple’s drive and went home to China for the summer without giving them a personal notice. Tom and Julia Ebenezer returned home to see the black Citroen C4, that wasn’t their’s, with a note stuck in the window. The note said: “Hi, it’s Jack from ** **** […]


89yr Old Woman Held Secret For YEARS That Was Revealed

Margaret Hubl passed away last July at the age of 89. The Nebraska woman had mothered a large family and was confident that her familial legacy would live on. But just to make sure, she decided to reveal a huge secret during her funeral service. Because, she never knew when she was going to pass, she had […]


How This Woman’s Bikini Shave Nearly Cost Her Life [PHOTOS]

  A mother had a medical nightmare after a bikini shave went horribly wrong, and nearly cost her life. Dana Sedgewick, 44-years old, a former chef from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, trimmed her pubic area with a brand new razor. After shaving, she noticed a small spot which kept bleeding, but she ignored it as she […]


Egyptologist Find Possible Tomb Of King Tut’s Wife

Egyptologists say they have discovered a previously unknown tomb in the famous “Valley of the Kings.” They believe the tomb may belong to the mysterious wife of King Tutankhamen who’s resting place has been the subject of speculation for many years. Archaeologist Zahi Hawass told LiveScience that the newly discovered tomb is located near the tomb […]


Dunkirk, Fact or British Fantasy?

Anyone familiar with the history of World War II knows about Dunkirk, but now with the release of the highly publicized movie of the same name, millions of others will learn the story, sort of. That is the complaint of the French, who say the movie is highly inaccurate and glorifies British prowess, and luck, […]


Are You Really Putting That On Your Face?

We all know that when it comes to hair and skin that really stands out in a crowd, Asian women have it won hands down most of the time. Whether it is in the genes or in beauty secrets handed down for thousands of years, there is just something that gives their hair extra highlights […]


GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman Brutally Beaten With Hockey Sticks By In-Laws

A video has gone viral on social media of an Indian woman allegedly being beaten by her in-laws over a dowry dispute. Meena Kashyap, 35, was married to Daljeet Singh and gave birth to a girl whom the latter’s family refused to accept. According to reports in Katalwi, Punjab. Footage shows her cowering and screaming […]

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[VIDEO] Saudi Investigation Underway Into Heretic

Officials in Saudi Arabia are out for blood, following the release of a video that they feel is an affront to their culture and the Prophet Mohammad. The video which just surfaced features a young woman in, of all things, a miniskirt and crop top, wandering in a village in conservative rural Saudi Arabia. And […]


Young Mother Arrested After Showing Her Kids A ‘Good Time’

A young mother has allegedly been arrested after being pictured towing her children in a toy wagon behind her car on a busy road while signing other vehicles to go past and overtake her. Alana Nicole Donahue, 27-year-old, is now reportedly at risk of losing custody of the kids following this horrific stunt back in […]


[VIDEO] Divers Find Ancient Treasures Off Grecian Coast

Archaeologists have just made an amazing discovery. The team which is part of a joint US-Greek expedition to uncover archaeological sites around the Greek archipelago, the Fourni Underwater Survey, has succeeded beyond all hopes. Thus far the group has uncovered a total of 53 shipwrecks and countless invaluable artifacts over the last three diving seasons. […]


Muslim Says Raping White Children Is His Culture, Angry Judge

A refugee who was on bail for sexually abusing two young girls raped another two teens. The fed-up judge has a perfect response to his horrible excuse. Zohair Tomari, 20, who claimed to be from Morocco but is believed to be from Syria, invited his 17-year-old victim and her 15-year-old friend to his flat in […]


Model Faces Uncertainty Following Acid Attack

Resham Khan has launched her own private war against Muslim fundamentalists favorite punishment, acid attacks. They believe it is Mohammad’s will that those who don’t follow the Koran, be violently punished and what better way than by having acid thrown in their faces. So Ms. Khan has launched her own plan designed to curtail their […]


Man Finds World War II Relic On Italian Beach And

Artifacts are important to archaeologists and historians because they are first-hand sources that tell a small part of a vastly larger story. Personal artifacts hold a much deeper meaning because they connect us directly to a certain point in our own personal history. Artifacts of war hold a special meaning of a most complicated story […]


Grandma Had An Unexpected Surprise For Fellow Fans At This

A grandma is now making rounds on the internet as she was shown dancing on the video board between innings at Dodger Stadium proceeded to flash the crowd. The white-haired woman wearing a Dodgers visor had been shown on the videoboard earlier in the game but has something exciting for everyone later on. Her fellow […]

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