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This Famous Hollywood Star Gets Physically Abused By Fiance On

Amid rumors of a relationship tainted by domestic abuse, new video shows Lindsay Lohan and her fiance involved in a violent altercation on the beach in Mykonos, Greece. The actress has spoken recently about her tumultuous relationship with fiance Egor Tarabasov, admitting that he has previously been physically abusive toward her. Now, new photos and […]


People Are In Shock Over What Rod Stewart Just Did

Rod Stewart has donated thousands of pounds to families of disabled children to cover the cost of joining a protest against cuts to medical funding. On July 10, CNN aired a story about the children and their families on “Erin Burnett OutFront” on. The heartbreaking story of children with serious medical conditions and their parents […]


Dunkirk, Fact or British Fantasy?

Anyone familiar with the history of World War II knows about Dunkirk, but now with the release of the highly publicized movie of the same name, millions of others will learn the story, sort of. That is the complaint of the French, who say the movie is highly inaccurate and glorifies British prowess, and luck, […]


Duggar Family’s Facebook Post Sparks Outrage Because Of What Kids

The Duggars are no strangers to controversy — especially on social media — and their latest photo is no exception. The religious reality family often comes under fire for their parenting decisions and child-rearing ideas and Facebook users were ready to criticize the Duggars when they uploaded a picture of Josh Duggar’s daughter Meredith and […]


Hollywood Star’s Decision To Keep A Pet Lion In Her

While rich and famous people most settle for a designer dog as a pet, The Birds actress Tippi Hedren went in a different direction. Her exotic choice of pet actually lived with her and her children in their Sherman Oaks, California, home during the 1970s. When you see how massively unique her pet truly was, […]


Storage Wars Secrets That The Producers Wanted To Keep In

“Storage Wars” fans, get ready for a dose of reality. According to star David Hester, A&E’s top-rated program is a fake. If you’ve never seen an episode of the series, the show follows a group of professional buyers who bid on unpaid storage units to, hopefully, find something worth selling for a profit. In a […]


Celebrity George Lopez Said: “You Wanna Make The Streets Safer,

Actor and comedian George Lopez has a long history of promoting illegal immigration and opposing deportation and the detention of illegals. This is not an indictment of all Law Enforcement , some still just beat you #gacho #georgelopezonhbo #TheWall ( @momorodriguez #gracias A post shared by George ?? Lopez (@georgelopez) on Jul 7, 2017 at […]


Kim Kardashian Blasted Over Daughter’s Dress. What Do You Think?

A picture of Kim Kardashian West’s daughter sparked controversy on social media. The photo shows 4-year-old North West walking down a New York City street wearing a peach-colored dress that has features similar to a corset. The outfit, which has a purple flower on it, wraps loosely around her chest and has laces crisscrossing in […]


Video Footage Shows A Belligerent Shia LaBeouf Threatening To Kill

Shia LaBeouf went on a verbal rampage after his early morning arrest on Saturday in Georgia. Bodycam footage shows a belligerent LeBeouf screaming at police. Shia screamed at the cop, “If I had my gun I’ll blow your s*** up.” And that wasn’t all. He said, “You put your own kind in the f***ing pen.” As […]


Emily Ratajkowski Reveals The Backlash Against Her ‘Too HOT’ Image

Blurred Lines model Emily Ratajkowski says that other women do not want to work with her because of her sexy image. The 26-year-old shot to fame dancing topless in the video for Robin Thicke’s track. She told Harper’s Bazaar Australia that she had been subjected to a backlash. “There’s this thing that happens to me: […]


Celine Dion, Bares It All For Racy Vogue Photoshoot

A Canadian singer completely naked as she sits on a chair with one leg crossed over the other. Celine used hand to cover her modesty as she shot a smoldering glance at the camera. Celine Dion has her fans going nuts and it’s not because she’s showing off her vocal abilities. The 49-year-old put on […]


Billy Ray Cyrus Wants You To Call Him By This

The longtime country singer and father to Miley Cyrus told Rolling Stone Country about his plans to legally change his name. “After August 25, I will be the artist formerly known as Billy Ray,” he announced. The ‘90s country singer, actor and father to Miley says he wants to be known simply as Cyrus. Speaking […]


Actress Flips Off Republicans On Independence Day

One Glow actress has a message for the Republican party this Independence Day. According to Breitbart, Gilpin plays “soap opera actress-turned-wrestler” Debbie Eagan (aka Liberty Bell) in the new Netflix series GLOW, which is “set in the world of 1980s female wrestling in Los Angeles.” Gilpin posted an image of herself Monday, in her character […]

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Hollywood and Democrat Party Crying Again

When President Trump was elected, Democrats launched their policy of obstructionism. Every special election has become a “Referendum on President Trump and his policies”. Yesterday was the fifth such election and every time Liberals and Hollywood elites have poured more money into defeating the Republican, saying that the voters would speak and renounce the President’s […]

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Adam West aka TV’s Batman leaves Bat Cave final time:

Nearly every home and family in the 1960’s America remembered Adam West and his comedic yet sincere version of TV’s version of Batman. Today, West leaves the Bat cave one last time. He passed away at the age of 88 Friday night in Los Angeles after a short battle with leukemia, according to the Hollywood […]

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6 Things I Bet You Don’t Know About Ronda Rousey

Long time women’s champ Ronda Rousey but in her last fight, most of us remember how she was KO’ed in just 48 seconds by Amanda Nunes. And before that, in a major upset, she was beaten by Holly Holm in a major upset for her career in 2015. But despite the loses, Rousey has kept […]


You Are Not Going To Believe Kathy Griffin’s Latest Dodge

Following the unbelievably crude and tasteless example of Kathy Griffin’s so-called humor, the disgustingly realist beheading of our President, something than any sane person would immediately see as over the line, Ms. Griffin is attempting to change the dialog. In a press release today, Ms. Griffin is now claiming that SHE is the victim in […]

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