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The Amount Of Money Liberals Want To Give Illegal Aliens

It seems just when you think that the Biden administration cannot sink any lower another report comes out that proves that they can. It is no secret that the southern border is in crisis with illegal immigrants pouring over into America without any checks or balances. Instead of the Biden team stopping the influx of […]

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Joe Biden Has Already Made His First Move With an

Illegitimate President, Joe Biden isn’t wasting any time with his executive orders to undo all the amazing work President Trump has done in the last four years. So, it isn’t any surprise that he was ready to get that pen and start signing things right away! One of those executive orders is Trumps’ border wall […]

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HERE WE GO! Another Migrant Caravan Is Heading For The

Thousands of Honduran migrants are heading to the U.S. as boundaries between countries in Central America have been reopened amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Associated Press reported Friday that around 2,000 Honduran migrants had entered Guatemala as part of a caravan heading for the U.S. border. Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei said he would detain the migrants and […]


Muslim Rapes & Beats Pregnant Woman, Blames It On An

A Muslim asylum-seeker has mercilessly beaten and raped a heavily-pregnant woman who was on her 7th month of pregnancy with twins. The suspect is the Naji N., whose identity remains withheld due to Germany’s censorship laws, from Morocco who is currently living in Germany. He is well known to the German police for, amongst other […]

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Dreams Turn To Nightmares For Illegals

One of Barack Obama’s most successful attempts at destroying our country was his attempt to by-pass congress and grant virtual immunity to illegals that have been called “Dreamers”. That program gave protected status to approximately 800,000 young illegals saving them from deportation. But now, the program concocted by the most unamerican President in history is likely […]

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Illegal Immigrant Arrests Doubling Under Trump

The number of targeted immigration arrests in San Diego has returned to levels from before former President Barack Obama changed enforcement priorities in late 2014. A new study shows that nearly 20 percent of illegal aliens in the U.S. live in the metropolitan areas of New York and Los Angeles. Also, new data shows that […]


U.S. Cardinal Tobin Speaks Out Against Trump: Appeals to ‘Dark

Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark said that the current climate of insecurity “has caused an exaggerated patriotism in the United States,” in an interview with the French Catholic newspaper, La Croix, suggesting that Trump plays on Americans’ fears and desires to see America “great again.” “I think President Trump appeals to the dark side of […]


Mexico Says No Bunny Business From Illegals

In an ironic twist, Mexican officials have detained three Playboy models allegedly working illegally while holding tourist-only visas. It seems that that the Mexican government takes a much narrower view of people crossing their border and taking Mexican jobs than they expect the U.S. to do. Police said the three women were arrested on Thursday […]


Obama “Child” Rapes Woman In Home Invasion

Police say that they have taken into custody three persons, for the rape and scalding of a Georgia woman during a home invasion. Josue Ramirez, 19-years-old, 17-year-old Francisco Palencia and an unidentified 15-year-old minor female have all been arrested following the break-in and violent attack according to FOX 5 Atlanta. ICE officials have confirmed that at […]

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Forced To House Refugees In Hotels

Just how bad is the “Refugee” problem? Well in at least one country, the government is being forced to convert hotels into refugee housing. That’s right, the same hotels that have provided temporary shelter to summer’s flood of college students, tourists and even business travelers wanting to get a taste of the old France are […]

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