• May 24, 2024

Liberal Clooney Decides “There’s No Place Like Home”

 Liberal Clooney Decides “There’s No Place Like Home”

Over the last few months, we have all heard the claims that if Trump were elected president, one liberal after another swore to leave the country for greener pastures elsewhere. But so far, other than leaving for short periods of time to vacation in their second and third homes overseas, not one has lived up to that promise. Well now, you can add actor George Clooney to the list of lying liberals.

Thats right, Lifestyle magazine has just come out with its latest issue and in it they are reporting that Clooney told them in an interview he was moving his family back to the good old USA, even if Trump is President. In the story, George Clooney is quoted as telling his interviewer that he has recently made plans to move back to LA, and why would he do that? Why because he has decided that “Merry old England” is just not safe enough for family in view of the string of recent Muslim terror attacks.

Yes, that’s right, Liberal George, who never met a Muslim he didn’t want to force down someone elses throat, seems to have had enough of them in his own backyard and has decided that even living under a Trump Presidency is safer than living among the thousands of Refugees in England. In the just released story, Clooney was quoted as saying that, “He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,” an insider says. “He’s determined to move his family to LA, where he feels much more secure.”

The same source says that George’s safety concerns have been growing for years. The Oscar winner “has been subject to very serious threats in the past,” because of his humanitarian efforts in Darfur, Sudan. And Amal’s work as an international human rights lawyer, along with her public pleas for foreign governments to prosecute terrorists, has made her a potential target.

When George learned that he was going to be a father, those concerns went into overdrive. “As soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement,” the insider adds. “His mansion in Studio City [Calif.] was deemed the most secure, and it’s within minutes of an LAPD station.”

He’s waited so long for this family,” the insider continues. “He’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.”

Evidently, that includes putting as many miles as possible between the European invasion from the Middle East and North Africa and his family. Even it means living in the United States under President Donald Trump. What a hypocrite.

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