You Are Not Going To Believe Kathy Griffin’s Latest Dodge

Following the unbelievably crude and tasteless example of Kathy Griffin’s so-called humor, the disgustingly realist beheading of our President, something than any sane person would immediately see as over the line, Ms. Griffin is attempting to change the dialog. In a press release today, Ms. Griffin is now claiming that SHE is the victim in the self-made brouhaha over the incident.


In her latest attempt to salvage what is arguably a pitiful excuse for a comedy career, Griffin is explaining the reasoning behind her controversial photo shoot with a bloodied mask of President Trump. Believe it or not, now she is trying to claim victim status, saying that the First Family has been Bullying her following her recent escapade.

In a joint news release, Griffin and attorney Lisa Bloom said they will hold a press conference in Woodland Hills, Calif. 12 p.m. The presser will be the first time she has made any public statement since she was relieved of her duties as CNN’s New Year’s Eve co-host. Griffin Has received major backlash from most of the public following the release of a photo which was published on Tuesday. The picture showed her holding what appears to be the bloodied head of President Trump.

Later Griffin apologized for the photo shoot and YouTube video, saying that the subject matter “went too far.” But the public was already incensed by the images and was in no mood another lame celebrity apology. By Wednesday morning, her attempt at what she claims was a joke, had fallen flat among the public.

Even thick skinned President Trump called for CNN to drop Griffin as a commentator shortly after the image went viral. A call that was backed up by millions of comments on both Facebook and Twitter. In his tweet, Mr. Trump said: “Dear CNN, I must have missed your statement banning your commentator #KathyGriffin from future shows. Please resend. Thx.”

Ms. Griffin has been a co-host for CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” with Anderson Cooper since 2007. But in a bid to distance himself from Griffin, Anderson Cooper criticized Griffin’s actions as “disgusting.” Even former semi-funny man turned politician, Al Franken who originally defended Ms. Griffin has since changed his opinion saying that she went too far.

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