• June 25, 2024

Hollywood and Democrat Party Crying Again

 Hollywood and Democrat Party Crying Again

When President Trump was elected, Democrats launched their policy of obstructionism. Every special election has become a “Referendum on President Trump and his policies”. Yesterday was the fifth such election and every time Liberals and Hollywood elites have poured more money into defeating the Republican, saying that the voters would speak and renounce the President’s policies.

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But each time, Americans have elected conservative supporters of the president strengthening the Republican hold on the government. Yesterday was no different. Liberals poured more than 50 million dollars into this state election, most of which came from out of state sources, the voters placed the conservative candidate firmly in office.

Republican Karen Handel’s victory in the closely watched Georgia runoff was a clear endorsement of the administration’s agenda. It also sent Democrats a strong rebuke of the party’s “obstruction” tactics.

As for President Trump, he just couldn’t resist rubbing salt into their wounds by tweeting: “Democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with Republicans on Healthcare, Tax Cuts,Security. Obstruction doesn’t work!”

Ms. Handel’s victory over Jon Ossoff, a candidate that doesn’t even live in the district, follows GOP special election wins in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina. Republicans are now boasting a “5-0” record in special elections for seats Democrats have tried desperately to win, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

Liberals turned the Georgia race into a national battle, pumping tens of millions of dollars into Ossoff’s campaign. Despite loses in every election since 2014, Liberals have continued to flaunt their Socialist policies and obstructionism of issues important to the American people. Now the White House is claiming that the vote yesterday was in fact, a referendum on congressional Democrats and their failure to join Republicans and work for the benefit of the American people.

It seems everyone is now laughing at the stupidity of the Democrats intransigence on the issues. Even White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders told “Fox & Friends”, “Republicans are going to get tired of winning if the Democrats don’t get an agenda,”

Democrats have impeded any meaningful legislation on several important topics despite having only a minority in both houses. Most changes have been left to President Trump who inherited Obama’s Pen and Phone on January 21st. There is still much to be done and it is time liberals quit trying to divide the country and helped govern it. As someone once said, “elections have consequences” after all the losses Liberals have suffered, they should have learned a lesson.

Democrats have even spread their “resist” message to the streets with the help of their ignorant masses in the BLM and ANTIFA, this has further alienated voters. Their attempts to portray the recent special elections as a referendum on Trump’s first months in office also appears to have backfired.

Perhaps Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel put it best in her statement. “Tonight, the people of Georgia’s Sixth District overwhelmingly voted not only for Karen, but also for President Trump’s agenda of replacing our broken healthcare system, reforming an outdated tax code, and prioritizing infrastructure investment. For the fourth time since November, voters have rejected the Democrat’s agenda of obstruction and made it clear it’s time get to work for the American people and join President Trump’s administration in Making America Great Again.”

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