Marilyn Monroe’s Beloved Brentwood Home Is For Sale, The Pictures Are Incredible

Marilyn Monroe told a Life magazine reporter who visited her Brentwood home in 1962, “Anybody who likes my house, I’m sure I’ll get along with.”

She’d moved into the four-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac in the affluent Los Angeles neighborhood earlier that year, and it was the first one she’d ever owned by herself. It would prove to be the last—Monroe was found dead in her bedroom in August 1962.

Now the 2,624 house that Monroe “personally searched out and bought” is for sale for $6.9 million, and “the overall feeling and aesthetic and vibe of what attracted Marilyn to it is still there,” listing agent Lisa Optican of Mercer Vine tells Vanity Fair. Scroll down for a look inside.

Check it out….

From: Town & Country

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