They Disrespected Soldier’s Memorial, Now Watch How Uniformed Soldier Sets Them Straight

One thing that is missing more and more in society is respect. We don’t seem to have respect for anything or anyone.

The soldiers who guard the Tomb Of The Unknowns have a duty to respect and stand guard over the tomb. It is an honor to be chosen to be a guard.  One of their duties is to make sure that the people who visit the tomb show respect.


uniformed soldier
Image Credit: YouTube


You go there to reflect in silence, not giggle and talk with no regard for why the tomb was erected. In this video, the soldier in this video stops his march to remind the rude gentlemen talking in the background to request that everyone maintain silence and respect.


uniformed soldier
Image Credit: YouTube

You could hear a pin drop. It is sad that grown men had to be told to shut up at this monument.


Watch the soldier put them in their place!





E. Goldstein

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