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Strange House Might Not Look Like Much From The Outside,

If you love fantasy movies, then maybe you’ve imagined how it is to live in magical places. Well, a real hobbit house was found hiding in Slovenia. It looks so simple outside but take a closer look and you’ll be amazed on what’s inside. Danica and Joze Kolaric designed the amazing little cottage set into […]


Take A Tour Around America’s Creepiest Motel, Would You Stay

Have you ever been on a road trip and gotten tired after a long day of driving? Naturally, you want to get a good nights rest but you are miles away from a normal town with normal accommodations but you run into this motel. Would you stay at the Clown Motel or would you continue […]


Sing National Anthem With Pride, Or Else

You may agree or disagree, but the legislature of at least one country currently battling ISIS terrorists has sent a message out to their citizens. Either you sing the National Anthem with pride or face a stiff fine. A message that is sure to have their snowflakes melting away into the shadows. The new bill […]


Jihad in Michigan Officer Stabbed In Airport Attack

The FBI has taken over the investigation of the stabbing of a Flint Michigan police officer at the city’s Bishop Airport. The attack has been labeled as a ‘probable act of terror,’ according to reports in local media. Witnesses say that a man, later identified as a Canadian, repeatedly stabbed the officer while shouting “Allahu Akbar” […]


Here Are 25 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Texas

1. Everyone seems to think that Texas is a some kind of natural paradise. Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons Hamilton Pool, Texas 2. They couldn’t be more wrong. Thinkstock Karnack, Texas 3. It’s not pretty at all. Flickr: jimnix / Creative Commons Gruene, Texas 4. Seasons aren’t even a thing here. Thinkstock Vanderpool, Texas 5. It’s a land of perpetual summer… Flickr: […]

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