Strange House Might Not Look Like Much From The Outside, But Wait Until You See A Tour Of The Inside [VIDEO]

If you love fantasy movies, then maybe you’ve imagined how it is to live in magical places. Well, a real hobbit house was found hiding in Slovenia. It looks so simple outside but take a closer look and you’ll be amazed on what’s inside.

Danica and Joze Kolaric designed the amazing little cottage set into the side of a manicured hillside in Slovenia. Much of the materials they used in the construction are reclaimed, which both adds to the quaint charm and green footprint of the cottage. The earth is supported by a concrete retaining wall at the back of the house to ensure structural integrity under heavy loads. The house sits in their meticulously designed garden where they grow herbs and flowers as well as maintaining beehives. The couple use it as a recreation cottage for teas with friends and as a quiet space to read.

This reminded us of another homeowner who has used reclaimed materials to make a tiny house.

Australian Brenda Kelly has not only figured out how to live off the grid in a complete home constructed inside a shipping container, but has also made it happen with style. By connecting her previous twenty-foot shipping container to a new forty-foot shipping container, Brenda has created a multifaceted eco-friendly living space.

When you enter the home, you are met with a beautiful inside porch area; entirely surrounded by glass, the outdoor seating area features a stylish outdoor dining set and blinds that can be closed to hide the glass area when desired. Brenda calls the surrounding spectacular scenery her “million dollar view.” The kitchen has a bold and modern design complete with energy efficient compact appliances that allow for storage spaces—something rare in a tiny house.

Spare beds are cleverly designed throughout the home. The living room couch has a pull out trundle bed beneath it, and her desk in the nearby office doubles as a “desk bed.” More hidden bed designs allow the home to sleep up to seven people. Brenda has her own master bedroom, of course, with a queen-sized bed.

Architect Stew MacInnes of Maximus Extreme Living Solutions designed a ski lodge so small it can be towed behind a truck.

Working with a Salt Lake City couple, MacInnes had a blast working on the custom project. So much so that he cannot stop talking about it, saying that the couple were “both avid outdoor people, who enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and kayaking. In fact, Chris is a former professional kayak racer and Tamara was a standout college track and field athlete, so being active is programmed into their DNA.”

He goes on to describe how the project took shape, saying, “Tamara contacted me about a year ago and indicated that she and Chris have followed the tiny home movement and were excited to find that my company was so close to them, geographically. She mentioned that she had viewed our homes online and loved that fact that we were willing to push the tiny home “design” envelope! We met shortly after our initial conversation and hit it off very well. She and Chris then entered into a contract with us to design and construct their home and we began the process. The build time actually took about five months, primarily because we dragged the process out much longer than it typically takes us to build a tiny home in order to work around the television show Tiny House Nation’s schedule. Chris, Tamara and I agreed that the show would be a fun option for them and there were some perks to appearing on the show that were worth the wait. We ultimately did the show, had a great time during the process and delivered the final product to Chris and Tamara in August. The August delivery was because they went on a long honeymoon following a midsummer wedding, so we stored their home at our facility while they were off playing.”

Article Sources: American Web Media  

Photo Credit: Little Things

Video Credit: Ambienti/Youtube

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