Vacation Planning? Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities

If you are planning a vacation overseas or even here in the United States, you might just want to take a look at how the city you are planning to visit ranks among the worlds trouble spots. In a new story which appeared in the British newspaper, The Sun, they named the ten most dangerous cities in the world and some political officials and residents are furious as a result. So for your safety, we have decided to list the cities here.

The Sun does not list the cities in any particular order, it just says these are the ten most dangerous places in the world. Among them is the Italian city of Naples, ranked right there among places like ISIS-held Raqqa in Syria and Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. Needless to say, given the Italian temperament, that listing has drawn an angry response from the Italian Embassy.

The Italian Ambassador said in a statement, that “the tabloid is confusing fiction with reality.” Embassy officials also took to Twitter to respond to the Sun’s accusation, pointing out that Naples is “not included in any global index on 50 most dangerous cities.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, also fired off a broadside at the The Sun’s story entitled “Bad World,” calling it “laughable.” “It is a false, superficial judgment, from someone, who has evidently never spent a day of his life in Naples, a city full of problems but certainly not in the place in the world rankings where The Sun puts it,” as cited by the ANSA news agency.

But how, you might ask, did Naples become the only Western European city making the Sun’s list? The fact is, the story’s author Guy Birchall claims “mafia killings are common place in Naples,” and it appears the city achieved its ranking because the southern Italian city has problems with murder, gangs and drugs.

In all fairness, Naples has a bad reputation due to historic ties to the mafia. Local media reports organized crime has a hold on the city, despite the government’s best efforts. 2016 saw a rise in crime in Naples, with 77 murders, 38 of them related to organized crime, according to the Corriere del Mezzogiorno paper.

The list compiled by the Sun newspaper also included such interesting places to visit as Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State, Mogadishu the setting for Blackhawk Down, War torn Ukraine’s capital Kiev and Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. In addition, the cities of Karachi, Manila, Caracas and San Pedro Sula made the list. Ironically, Perth Australia and St Louis Missouri in the United States rounded out the Sun’s list.

Frankly, I don’t know how they come up with this list, especially when it comes to St. Louis. In the U.S. We have lots of places that are more dangerous than St. Louis. Chicago, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angels, San Francisco, Detroit, San Antonio, Houston and Washington D.C. All come to mind in addition to just about any city that has had a Democrat administration for more than the last 70 years.

R.L. Grimes

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