• May 25, 2024

Despite Supreme Court Win, Obama Judges Obstruct President

 Despite Supreme Court Win, Obama Judges Obstruct President

Despite this weeks win on immigration in the Supreme Court, Liberal Obama appointed federal judges are doubling down on obstructing President Trump as he attempts to get a handle on the nations immigration problems. Determined not to see the laws of our country enforced, Obama’s federal judges remain major stumbling blocks to President Trump’s aggressive immigration plans. Courts from California to Michigan and Atlanta are limiting the Presidents lawful crackdown on sanctuary cities and trying to stop him from deporting illegals scheduled deportation.


Judges in those deportation cases have rejected Mr. Trump’s argument that he has wide latitude to decide who gets kicked out, without having to worry about district courts second-guessing him on facts of the case. They say it is them that decide what happens to the illegals in their jurisdictions and they have the right to review Mr. Trump’s immigration policy.

Obviously, none of these judges have read or care anything about the Constitution or the division of responsibilities as it is set forth in our founding documents, even when the highest court in the land lays it out for them. One judge in Michigan has even ordered the Homeland Security Department to freeze all deportation plans for about 200 Chaldean’s arrested over the past two months and scheduled to be sent back to Iraq. Despite the fact that almost everyone of them has a criminal record.

Meanwhile, an Atlanta judge has ordered the department to reinstate the order granting temporary amnesty against deportation known as DACA at least as it pertains to illegal, Jessica Colotl, a so-called Dreamer whose past makes her eligible for deportation.

Judge Mark H. Cohen said, “The public has an interest in government agencies being required to comply with their own written guidelines instead of engaging in arbitrary decision-making.” An act that could be conceived as establishing new legal rights for illegal immigrants in spite of the fact that the Supreme Court said Immigration was the clear purview of the Executive Branch.

That illegal act, was followed on Tuesday, when a California federal judge, Dolly M. Gee, ordered the Border Patrol to improve its treatment of illegal immigrant children caught sneaking across the border. She said she was troubled by stories from illegal immigrants who said they were kept in dirty rooms without private toilets and sometimes had to wait up to 12 hours for their first meals. She said nothing in her order about those things being illegal or unconstitutional, on that “she was troubled by them”. She also threw-in that the Border Patrol must provide them with soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and access to showers.

Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation who served as a Justice Department lawyer stated that: “Notably, all four of the judges, including one in San Francisco who has blocked part of President Trump’s executive order against sanctuary cities, were appointed by President Obama. Almost all of the judges are acting outside of established law.”

The Trump administration is fighting all the rulings but has had little luck convincing lower-court judges of Mr. Trump’s powers on immigration as they continue to ignore the Supreme Court ruling. Mr. von Spakovsky called the Supreme Court ruling “a slap in the face” to the judges who ruled against the broad swath of the president’s immigration plans.

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