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Is Fear Powerful Enough To Wipe Out A Species And

Is fear powerful enough to literally wipe out an entire species from the face of the Earth?  According to scientists at Canada’s McGill University that when it comes to flight or fight in a species,  a third category should probably be added called, simply ‘terminate’ your species, reported McGill University. A new study reveals conclusions […]


Are You Really Putting That On Your Face?

We all know that when it comes to hair and skin that really stands out in a crowd, Asian women have it won hands down most of the time. Whether it is in the genes or in beauty secrets handed down for thousands of years, there is just something that gives their hair extra highlights […]

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Baldness may be ended with discovery of new hair cell

For decades television, magazine and newspaper advertisements have offered millions of men and some women cures for Alopecia and other forms of baldness. According to a UC San Francisco research study, an immune cell generally associated with controlling inflammation, directly trigger stem cells in the skin to promote healthy hair growth. Millions of men have […]


Global Warming Study Canceled After Embarrassing Discovery [WATCH]

One expedition constructed to collect proof of global warming and “climate change” in the Arctic was dropped this previous month following an utterly humiliating discovery-there was too much ice in the Arctic. This regrettably postpones the much-anticipated Hudson Bay System Study (BaySys) involving 40 scientists from five universities across Canada. Timing was key for this […]

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WARNING: Satellite SPIRALING Out Of Control

ATTENTION People of Earth. One of the premier spacecraft construction companies in the world, SES, confirmed today that one of its satellites is currently spiraling out of control and could head towards Earth in the next few days. A company spokesperson said they lost control of the satellite on June 17 and is still attempting […]


Researchers Discover Object In Graveyard, Aghast To Learn It Came

Archaeologists discovered a 500-year-old ovarian tumor that started growing teeth while excavating a church graveyard. The tumor, which was discovered during excavation work between 2010 and 2011, is the subject of a scientific paper recently published in the International Journal of Paleopathology, reports The article is titled “Ovarian Teratoma: A Case From 15th-18th Century […]


A Worm That Was Thought TO Be A Myth, Has

For the first time, researchers were able to study a bizarre worm that lives in mangrove swamps. This species of shipworm can grow up to 5 feet long. Dr. Daniel Distel, chief author of the report, said: ‘The strange shells have been found for centuries, because they are very sturdy and they last a long […]


He Saw An Aquarium, But What He Saw Inside It

A Mississippi man who was looking for his lost dog alongside a creek made a disturbing discovery earlier this week when he took a second look at a glass aquarium that had been left in the woods. Matt Williamson was searching for his own lost dog last week when he came across the two dogs […]

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Trump About To Drive Liberals Further Over The Edge

That is the latest word out of Washington. According to sources within the administration, President Donald Trump is expected to announce he is pulling the United States out of his predecessors landmark global climate agreement. A White House official admitted on Wednesday, there could be “caveats in the language” announcing the withdrawal. Mr. Trumps move […]


Scientists Claim They Have Discovered That We May Actually Be

The universe that we know of today might not be accurate. Recent studies show the possibility of multiverse. In a world that appears to be tip-toeing ever closer toward armageddon, it can be difficult to escape those anxiety-inducing existential questions. I’m talking about questions on our own mortality, the concept that we are always close […]


How Long Should That Special Intimate Moment Last? Science Finally

  How long should sex last? One minute? Five minutes? You’ve probably wondered about it for one reason or another. Below, we’ve got some more information on the matter, and the numbers might surprise you. Find out if you’re below, above, or just about average — and don’t worry, the final figures aren’t as intimidating […]


See What Scientists Say You Need To Start Eating To

If you had an opportunity to save the planet Earth how far would you go to accomplish that task? Well, according to actress Angelina Jolie, she has a recommendation that might send you screaming for a Happy Meal box of McDonalds McNuggets or a Big Mac with lots and lots of fries. According to Viral […]


New Flying Dinosaur the Size of an Elephant Has Been

In 1993 a farmer discovered a dinosaur that had apparently died while it was hatching.  It suddenly disappeared and was sold on the black market.  It was recently found and returned to China, where it was proclaimed to be a dinosaur that had not been discovered before.  They have called it  Beibeilong. The Beibeilong grew […]


Farmers Are Shocked By What They Discover Inside Massive Captured

A giant, swollen snake was captured and killed because it was suspected of eating a calf and killing livestock around the area. The snake was almost 1 foot wide and around 10 feet long. The snake in question was most likely an African rock python, one of the largest snakes in the world. As soon as the […]


Woman Wrongly Impregnated With Black Man’s Sperm Learns Her Fate

An Ohio woman was given the wrong sperm donation and after filing a lawsuit against the sperm bank, her case has been dismissed. Jennifer Cramblett filed a lawsuit against Midwest Sperm Bank alleging wrongful birth and breach of warranty. Judge Ronald Sutter threw out the case, reports The Guardian. The judge told Cramblett she would be […]


Court Gives Human Rights To GLACIERS — Because Global Warming

  A judge of an Indian court has declared Himalayan glaciers “legal persons” under law in a bid to save them from global warming. The court’s two judges claimed Indian law must give glaciers “living entity” status to keep them from melting. “The rights of these entities shall be equivalent to the rights of human beings and […]

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