Hiker Makes Fascinating Discovery While Chasing A Tiger [WATCH]

 Hiker Makes Fascinating Discovery While Chasing A Tiger [WATCH]

It takes a special kind of person to chase a tiger. British officer John Smith falls into that category, and he would end up making a fascinating discovery while doing so. That discovery would not be that he’s completely off of his rocker, but rather an amazing one that will soon take up residence in the history books.

As Your Nation News shares, Smith was traveling through an Indian jungle outside of Mumbai. Somewhere along the way, he decided that wasn’t adventurous enough in and of itself, so he kicked it up a notch. He started chasing animals through the forest for unclear reasons. While that sounds like a recipe for being mauled beyond comprehension, Smith’s tale actually turns out to be much different.

All of a sudden, Smith came across a cave. As you would expect, this daredevil didn’t hesitate to go inside and poke around. Sounds like Smith doesn’t have anything resembling a stop reflex inside of him, but at least in this case, that turned out to be a good thing. Inside of the cave was a sight that can only be described as mind boggling.

You would assume that Smith had to be wondering if he had wandered onto the set of a previously unannounced Indiana Jones movie. He would discover that the cave led to all sorts of ancient ruins that were remarkably preserved. As you’ll see in the pics, we’re not just talking about some raggedy looking rocks either, but something that was clearly the centerpiece of an ancient civilization.

Experts were quickly on the scene, and Smith’s discovery was dated all the way back to 200 B.C. It’s now known as the Ajanta Caves, and you can bet that historians in the area are acting like kids in a candy store right about now.

No word on what Smith is up to these days, or if he ever did catch that darn tiger, but it sounds like he has received further validation that he should continue to seek out as much adventure as possible.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4ILp_l10uw]



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