New Flying Dinosaur the Size of an Elephant Has Been Identified

In 1993 a farmer discovered a dinosaur that had apparently died while it was hatching.  It suddenly disappeared and was sold on the black market.  It was recently found and returned to China, where it was proclaimed to be a dinosaur that had not been discovered before.  They have called it  Beibeilong.

The Beibeilong grew to be the size of an elephant and would build a nest the size of a monster truck tire.  Imagine one flying over your head and dropping dung on your head.  That would have to be fatal.  And if you parked your car under a tree the next morning it could be totally flat.

 The new species was identified by researchers from the Institute of Geology at the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, who believe it lived during the Cretaceous period, around 90 million years ago.


Baby Louie’s mother was a huge Oviraptorosaur – a creature that would have looked just like an overgrown cassowary.

The enormous nest would have contained a couple of dozen eggs – and Baby Louie would have been the first born.

The embryo is only 15 inches (38cm) long from its snout to the base of its tail. But it may have grown to 26ft long and three tonnes in weight – as heavy as a small elephant.

4021A14A00000578-4488564-image-a-49_1494340668920Fossils of smaller-bodied, close relatives have been fossilized while sitting on top of their eggs.

The scientists describe the new giant Oviraptorosaur species as the ‘largest known dinosaur to have sat on its nest and cared for its young.’
Because of its high worth, the fossil was exported out of China on the black market in 1993.

H/T: The Mail Online

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