See What Scientists Say You Need To Start Eating To Save Planet Earth

If you had an opportunity to save the planet Earth how far would you go to accomplish that task? Well, according to actress Angelina Jolie, she has a recommendation that might send you screaming for a Happy Meal box of McDonalds McNuggets or a Big Mac with lots and lots of fries. According to Viral Nova, see why scientists insist that your future meals include bug-based dishes.

Fried insect snacks - photo credit - Flickr
Fried insect snacks – photo credit – Flickr

Eating insects may not be exactly what you would consider a dining goal for the evening, Researchers from the University of Edinburgh believe that bug-based meals contain more than enough alternative forms of protein to give your body a necessary boost and save the planet as well.

But, most people who are not in the habit of consuming bugs in their daily meals would not be enchanted with the idea of ordering a side dish of fried grasshoppers with their mashed potatoes, in order to reduce greenhouse emissions. Honestly, is that what most American meat-eaters would consider a necessary sacrifice to make?

Are insects the taste treats of the future - photo credit - YouTube
Are insects the taste treats of the future – photo credit – YouTube

While some environmentalists believe that consuming less meat and chowing down on the world’s plentiful supply of insects may reduce the total acreage of farmland used by about a third, is this food solution doable? These UK researchers insist that half of the world’s meat supply could be easily replaced with crickets and mealworms, if food consumers chose the bug meal option.

Can you imagine those humongous cattle ranches in the western states with their tens of thousands of heads of cattle being replaced by bug farms? To be honest, what would a bug farmer do to bring their bugs to market? What economic impact would that have on the U.S. economy?

Can eating insects save the world - photo credit - YouTube
Can eating insects save the world – photo credit – YouTube

Yet, Dr. Peter Alexander, appears to believe that consumers could easily make what he considers a small adjustment in their eating habits. Maybe, Dr. Alexander has been eating a bit too many insect meals if he feels Americans or consumers in other developed countries would replace their chicken and beef with a steady diet of bugs and crawling critters.


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