• June 13, 2024

Raging Bull Gores A Bullfighter In The Groin And Seriously Injures Another [WATCH]

 Raging Bull Gores A Bullfighter In The Groin And Seriously Injures Another [WATCH]

A bullfighter was stabbed in the SCROTUM with a horn while another was left with serious brain damage after both being gored by a raging bull .

Juan Miguel entered the ring along with Frenchman Andy Younes to ‘warm up’ for more experienced bullfighters – and both were seriously injured.

Footage shows how horrified spectators watched as the pair were attacked while warming up for more experienced matadors.

Juan Miguel, from Madrid, was flung into the air several times before the bull continued its vicious attack while he lay on the ground.

He suffered two severe puncture wounds to his scrotum and his neck – slicing open his thyroid gland.

Miraculously he managed to limp to the side of the bullring, before collapsing, reports Spanish newspaper, aplausos.es .

Younes was then charged by the bull in both thighs and an ankle as he was flung into the air.

As he landed he suffered “a traumatic brain injury” on the right side of his head.

He also managed to walk out of the ring but soon deteriorated.

They were rushed to the plaza’s own infirmary and underwent emergency surgery before being taken to the city’s Hospital San Francisco de Asís.

Doctors said Juan Miguel was in a “serious condition” but did not give any details on Younes condition.

The famous bullring was only a fifth full for the Sunday night tournament, once again fuelling speculation that it might be facing closure.

Sources: Daily Mail

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