Teen Beauty Queen Unknowingly LIVE Streams Her Tragic Death [RAW VIDEO]

Sofia Magerko, a teen beauty queen from the Ukraine, unwittingly live streamed her own tragic death on Instagram this week.

The 16-year-old and her 24-year-old friend, Daria Medvedeva, were both killed when the BMW they were driving smashed into a lamp post.

Tragically, the women were live streaming their reckless late night joyride when they were killed.

The teenager died instantly when the car hit the lamp post, and Medvedeva, who was reportedly driving the car, died on the way to hospital.

In the lead up to the crash, the footage shows the two women drinking out of bottles and laughing, while driving at a high speed on the narrow road.


The video turns to black as the car can be heard careening into the lamp post.According to The Sun, witnesses can be heard arriving on scene and discovering Magerko and Medvedeva, telling emergency services: “Please come fast, a car crash here… seems that fatalities here … One girl. Two girls here.”

The local police have confirmed the death of the two women, but have not yet commented on the cause of the crash.

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