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You Are Not Going To Believe Kathy Griffin’s Latest Dodge

Following the unbelievably crude and tasteless example of Kathy Griffin’s so-called humor, the disgustingly realist beheading of our President, something than any sane person would immediately see as over the line, Ms. Griffin is attempting to change the dialog. In a press release today, Ms. Griffin is now claiming that SHE is the victim in […]

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Trump About To Drive Liberals Further Over The Edge

That is the latest word out of Washington. According to sources within the administration, President Donald Trump is expected to announce he is pulling the United States out of his predecessors landmark global climate agreement. A White House official admitted on Wednesday, there could be “caveats in the language” announcing the withdrawal. Mr. Trumps move […]


Islam – Shaping America Since 1778

Islam has been a part of our country since just after its founding, but not in a constructive way. In the early days of our country, our first international conflicts were with Islamic pirates who preyed on our ships, stealing cargo and enslaving or killing the crews. Many such ships and crews were taken and […]


And Then Were None: Sean Hannity May Be Done at

Sean Hannity has been removed from his Fox show for Thursday, Friday and Monday.  It is now being rumored that he may be gone because advertisers are cancelling from his show under pressure from Hillary and George Soros’ supported Media Matters. Fox News is denying the rumors, but that means nothing to me, especially after […]


Sheer Lunacy on Campus — Unbelievable VIDEO

Parents, taxpayers and donors have little idea of the levels of lunacy, evil and lawlessness that have become features of many of today’s institutions of higher learning. Parents, taxpayers and donors who ignore or are too lazy to find out what goes on in the name of higher education are nearly as complicit as the […]


The 25 Funniest Things That Ever Happened At The Doctor’s

Here are some funny things you will find when you see a doctor in the hospital or in the clinic. Being a doctor can be a highly stressful job at times. It’s a huge responsibility caring for patients, writing reports, monitoring and administering medication, conducting physical examinations, and let’s not forget the emergency situations when […]


Funny Wikipedia Edits That’ll Have You Cracking Up

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia on the internet where you can find the definition to almost everything. What will happen if the reference you are checking has an error? Check some pages in Wikipedia that were erroneous which you will find hilarious. The best part about the Internet is its vast knowledge of everything. Whatever […]


Harvard Prodigy With Numerous Big Time Offers Shares Her 7

Here are some tips to nail an interview according to an exceptional student from Harvard University who received job offers from various big-time companies. Jessica Pointing knows how to interview. The Harvard University junior received internship offers from companies including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, McKinsey, Bain, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. A computer science and […]


If You See Faces In These Photos You Suffer From

Here are some pictures of things which shows different images when we look at it closely. Some of the pictures are cool, weird, and some are even funny. Have you ever seen a face in a place where there shouldn’t be a face? This is called pareidolia. It’s a psychological phenomenon where people see faces […]


If Bill O’Reilly Is A Sexual Harasser, What The Hell

Bill O’Reilly may have given his enemies the ammunition to destroy him, for right now at any rate, but the dishonesty of some involved cannot be overstated. I’m not here to proclaim O’Reilly innocent or too defend his actions; he was wrong on any quantifiable level. But the duplicitous hypocrisy and selectively feigned moral insult […]


Black Minister Asks “What if Whites Strike Back?”

I ran across this presentation from Black minister Mychal Massie from December 2014 when I was checking out his more recent postings on The Daily Rant. Massie has captured the feeling shared by many whites who not only read the hype or watch the violence aimed at them by BLM and The New Black Panthers […]


12-Year-Old Girl’s Controversial Photo Sparks Debate (Photos)

I’m sorry folks, but this isn’t hunting, this is waste… Pictures on Facebook showing a 12-year-old girl from Utah posing with carcasses from a series of hunts have been targeted for criticism. People from around the world have posted on Aryanna Gourdin’s page, including some who have issued death threats, according to media reports.  One of the […]


Woman Explains Why She Needs Welfare, Leaves People Outraged

Some people will use any excuse in the books to get a free ride…. Nim Murphy, 27, reportedly quit her job as a roadie for music shows and festivals because her breasts, sized 12HH, are causing too much physical pain.  “I can’t work, I can’t exercise properly, I can’t do most things,” Murphy said.  “I don’t want to be on […]


Woman Gets Tongue Split And Eyes Tattooed – Says She

A woman risked going blind in order to tattoo her eyeballs so they are a permanent hue of purple-blue. The Daily Mail reports that 32-year-old Sara Night underwent the drastic procedure and claimed that it was painless, even going so far as to say that the laser eye surgery she had weeks prior hurt more. […]


Student Kicked Out Of Gym Because Her Outfit Was Considered

“Activewear” is all the rage these days. Women of all ages can be seen wearing varying levels of the comfortable gear that has recently become acceptable to be worn in a variety of different settings. From breaking out in a sweat at the gym, to meeting your pals for coffee…activewear is the new go-to attire […]


Washington Swamp People: 47; Trump: 0

If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency, there’s no point in ever voting for a Republican again. Not only is there no funding for a wall, but — thanks to the deft negotiating skills of House Speaker Paul Ryan — the bill actually prohibits […]


In America, A Bar Has The Right To Kick You

  If I ran a bar, I wouldn’t let my personal dislike of Donald Trump and those dopey Make America Great Again hats prevent me from taking somebody’s money. My business decision would be to serve Trumpkins and Hillbots and Bernie Bros and anybody else. I wouldn’t care. Moolah is moolah. But that’s just me. […]

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