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Boo-Frickety-Hoo: Liberals No Longer Want Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly’s brand has yet to recover from the debacle of her interview with Infowars proprietor Alex Jones. When NBC News revealed a teaser of Kelly’s interview with Jones early last week, the journalistic consensus was that she gave a platform to a monster. In spite of Jones running a popular radio show and website […]


Government Has Eyes On Uranus

As if enough money is not being wasted on other things, a top government agency has announced that it now has its eye on Uranus. That’s right, NASA says it is planning a mission that would study the gassy environments of Uranus and Neptune, two planets that sit on the very edge of our solar […]


Hate Is What Makes The Liberal World Go Round

Since the election of Donald Trump, we on the right have seen an amazing outpouring of pure hate from the left. Had we on the right expressed such feelings of contempt for our former useless president, Barack Obama, the government would have had to erect concentration camps to hold all those incarcerated under federal law. […]


BOOM! This SIGN Should Be On EVERY Street Corner In

A perfect sign went up in Colorado at the Indian Hills community center that says it all. Currently, the country is experiencing a period of time that has protests and violent outbursts on the rise daily. “Just because you are offended doesn’t mean that you are right.” It just means you are offended. Remember when […]


TODD STARNES: Conservatives Should Prepare For The Approaching Danger

In recent days we’ve seen a massive upsurge in leftwing violence. The most devastating was the attempted assassination of Republican congressmen at baseball practice. Even before the election, liberal activists have been attacking supporters of Donald Trump — leaving behind a trail of bloodied and beaten men and women. Their only crime — loving America. […]


Hitler Survivor Has Just 7 Words For Liberals Equating Trump

Liberal protesters love comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler but German woman who survived the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s horror had 7 words that completely shaken them. Before Inga Andrews escaped Hitler’s “final solution,” the Holocaust, she and her mother were forced to survive the catastrophic events brought about by the Nazi party’s socialism and […]


What Do Puerto Rico, Detroit And Chicago Have In Common?

As we reported earlier this year, Chicago School District bonds have slipped to an all time low credit rating, and the City itself has seen their municipal bonds completely go in the tank. Well now word is out that the state of Illinois is feeling a major financial crisis thanks to years of Liberal non-leadership […]


Can You Identify The Muslim Terrorist In A Crowd Of

There is a constant that fools and the politically correct refuse to grasp because it means they must face what for them is the unpleasant truth. That constant, i.e., truth is, the majority of Muslims aren’t about assimilation. They are about segregation, conquest, and subjugation. Islam is not a religion; it is an ideology. An […]


A Long History of Leftist Hatred

James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, who aspired to end his life as a mass murderer of Republican Congressmen, was a Donald Trump hater and a Bernie Sanders backer. Like many before him, Hodgkinson was a malevolent man of the hating and hard left. His planned atrocity failed because two Capitol Hill cops were at […]


After Republicans Are Targeted For Assassination, Liberal Media Demands No

In the span of a few weeks, two crazed Bernie Sanders supporters have committed acts of violence against innocent Americans. In May, Jeremy Christian stabbed and killed two men after berating two Muslim women on a Portland, Oregon, train. On Wednesday, James Hodgkinson opened fire on a congressional Republican baseball practice and wounded House Majority […]


Why Did Fox News Drop Its ‘Fair & Balanced’ Slogan?

Will it matter to Fox News millions of loyal followers that it is dropping its most impactful slogan that has sent liberals and mainstream pundits into a virtual torrent of spite and hate for 20 years?  According to New York Magazine, the cable news leader has decided it has a reason for ending its literal […]


Muslims Demand Apology From TX Sheriff For Blaming Terror On

A Texas sheriff sparked controversy for harshly condemning the Manchester bombing, and didn’t shy away from decrying Islamic terrorism and his thoughts that it was the root of the Manchester Arena massacre. Texas Sheriff Tracy Murphree of Denton County, vented his frustrations on Facebook Monday night where he warned America not to make mistakes that […]


The Forever War Against Radical Islam

On May 22 2017, Salman Abedi, 22, waiting at the entrance of the Arianna Grande pop concert in Manchester, blew himself up, killing almost two dozen people, among them parents waiting to pick up their children. Saturday, three Islamic terrorists committed “suicide-by-cop,” using a van to run down pedestrians on London Bridge, and then slashing […]


ANN COULTER: All We Need Is Love… And Deportations

In Britain, as in the U.S., when an Islamic terrorist is said to be, “known to law enforcement,” the translation is: “He is being actively ignored by law enforcement.” After the latest terrorist attack in Britain — at least as of this writing — Prime Minister Theresa May bravely announced, “Enough is enough!” What is […]


A Circus Of Fools

The congressional hearings taking place is a circus of fools performing mind-numbing acts of stupidity with a tedium that would make milk curdle. The star witness, former FBI Director James Comey, has no credibility; in fact, he has gone out of his way to prove democrats were right in calling for him to be fired […]


Black Girls Are Not Being Stereotyped; They Are Aggressive, Promiscuous,

As usual, anything the Black Muslim front group named “The Black Star Group” will leave no stone unturned when it comes to blaming others for black failure. Their latest attempt to ignore poor impulse control and unacceptable behavior in a school setting is to revert to claiming black girls are stereotyped. Now, Kelly Fair a […]


It Is Time For Blacks To Stop Blaming Others

The Black Star Project is nothing more than a ‘blame whitey’, ‘give us money’ hate group. If a white person addressed a black person as: “Hey African-American” the black person would virtually jump out of their skin. There would be sobbing consistent with victimology and outrage from those saying it is racist to address a “bra-tha” […]


A Roving Band Of Baptists Didn’t Kill Anyone In London

Like many of you, I was enjoying my weekend when the news of the London stabbings came across my phone and consciousness. Again? I thought.  So soon after the Manchester attacks? But the timing isn’t what makes the deaths horrific.  Many of you remember the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, which killed six […]


Scientist’s Say These Are The 3 Most Painful Ways To

Whether we like it or not, it is undeniable truth that no one can live forever and death is our ultimate destiny. There are, of course, ways to pass on that are relatively painless. But there are other that are incredibly painful. We’ve all had those “would you rather” conversations when it comes to dying. […]

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