BOOM! This SIGN Should Be On EVERY Street Corner In America

A perfect sign went up in Colorado at the Indian Hills community center that says it all. Currently, the country is experiencing a period of time that has protests and violent outbursts on the rise daily.

Credit to US Journal Review
Credit to US Journal Review

“Just because you are offended doesn’t mean that you are right.” It just means you are offended.

Remember when this was not a novel idea? Remember when it was actually common sense?

That was before everyone started winding themselves in bubble-wrap, inventing safe spaces, and crying when someone said they were wrong.

After the photo of the sign was shared in Mad World News Facebook page, it sparks attention from the public.

One Facebook user reacted, “Naw you AIN’T right!!! AND just because a bunch of idiots are offended don’t mean it should be changed or done away with!! I’m offended that they are offended!! What we gonna do about that??!! I am offended that our flags are being changed, that our monuments are being removed; what’s going to be done to keep us that feel this way from being offended?”

Another user said, “ ? fact, and the ACLU, LGBT and every other organization that throws their arms up and organizes riots and max disruptive behavioral rally’s needs to stop just because they disagree with something.”

A mocking reader says, “I’m sure feelings are being hurt & they are running to their safe rooms/ crying rooms. LOL”

Trump critic answered, “Feeling offended is a personal choice. Freedom Of Speech is a Right. Your CHOICE doesn’t trump my RIGHT,” responded by “Anyone offended by the rights and laws of the U.S. Constitution while living in America should learn to follow the laws or leave.”

People get easily offended nowadays especially if they are having a bad day, huge problems or issues. Remember, giving your reaction to something is normal but being offended is a choice.


Pretchi Mickelson

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