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This Woman Is Making Reverse Body Transformations A New Trend

A girl who was a former bodybuilder took a reverse body transformation from being slim to being plump says she is happier than before. Body transformations. We hate that we love them. They’re all over social media, and while they seem pretty harmless, they actually work to perpetuate the unrealistic beauty standards that society places […]


Florida Woman Finds 12 Foot Python Killing Her Goat [VIDEO]

A Florida woman found a snake eating her goat. She then took matters into her own hands. Horrific video of her revenge went viral in social media. Rachel Valverde captured the horrific footage on her smartphone as she discovered the 12-foot python making lunch out of one of her goats. The video starts by showing […]


Horrifying She Inadvertently Live-Streamed Her Own Death To Facebook [VIDEO]

Disturbing footage has emerged of the moment a young car passenger unintentionally live-streamed her own death in a horror crash. Nikol Barabasova was live streaming her drive with her friend through the Czech Republic. The pair appeared to be having fun, laughing and smiling and the like. Barabasova can be seen holding up her mobile […]


[WATCH] Man Drowns As Teens Do Unthinkable…

Police in Cocoa, Florida reported that a man drowned last week as a group of teens took video and laughingly mocked the man at a fenced off pond. Authorities said that regrettably, little can be done legally to the youths for doing nothing to help the man. Making it another sad commentary on the youth […]


People Said This Dog Was Guarding Her Owner’s Grave, But

A rescuer immediately went to the cemetery after hearing that a stray dog had been spotted. There was indeed a dog keeping a lonely watch over a memorial. Mystery was then discovered after she take a closer look. In 2015, animal lovers across in the internet were touched by a heartbreaking photo that quickly went […]


Woman Thrown Out Of Pool For Outfit- Do You A

A woman who was kicked out of the pool because of inappropriate outfit has gone viral on social media. Tori Jenkins,20, says she was at her apartment complex’s pool with her fiance when she was told that her swimsuit was inappropriate. She was being rejected from her apartment building’s communal pool for wearing a one-piece. […]


Footage Captures Babies In Tears As They Have Ears Pierced

Videos of two mothers showing their daughters being pierced at their 4th month sparked controversy online. Crystal Lynn, 34, from Florida, received criticism from other parents when footage of her daughter Emily getting her ears pierced emerged online. The video filmed in the US shows Crystal’s four-month-old screaming out as she gets both of her […]


A US Airman Made Final Trip Home, But Delta Passengers

A fallen US airman making his final trip home was disrespected by the passengers on a Phoenix flight. Before the plane landed, the captain and the flight attendants asked the passengers to please remain seated while Staff Sergeant Andre Taylor’s casket was removed and presented to the family who was waiting on the tarmac for […]


Man With ‘DEVAST8’ Tattooed Across His Face Struggles To Find

A father who had half of his face tattooed with the word ‘DEVAST8’ to scare off prison inmates has revealed his struggles to get a job. 19-year-old, Mark Cropp, recently spent two years in prison where he was serving a sentence for pulling out a knife on a tourist during a drug deal where Cropp […]


Family Day At The Beach Turns Into Nightmare After 3-Yr-Old

When summer comes, families flock to the beach. Children in paricular love splashing in the waves, making castles in the sand, and eating ice cream in the sun. There are common dangers on trips to the beach that parents worry about, and you do your best to keep your children safe and out of harm’s […]


A beggar Who Turned Down A Full Time Job Offer

A panhandler in Brighton, Michigan recently caught people’s attention after a stint with a local dealership. In an attempt to help the homeless man holding a cardboard sign on the street, some employees from the nearby Honda dealership made him an offer. Something more than just a handout. They offered the man a job which […]


Girl Yelling At Overweight Man Eating Fast Food, Gets Healthy

A shocking video in which two girls boldly shame a fat man in McDonald has sparked outrage across social media. The video shows a man being cruelly bullied for his weight by two girls as he waits in line to order. The bullies call him “disgusting” and say “fat people” should not be at fast […]


Photos Of This Woman’s Bloody Keys Are Going Viral, And

Jessica Collins lives in Amarillo, Texas, a 27-year-old mother of six, was assaulted at her apartment complex at about 2 a.m., reports KPRC in Houston. She posted several photos online early Friday morning. In the post she explains how she was saved by her car keys from a life and death situation. Collins said she […]


Woman Shares Dire Warning To All Women After Her Face

An inspirational skin cancer victim has shared a shocking picture of her treatment in a stark warning to sunbed users. She share the photo, and explained the circumstances that led to her diagnosis. Tawny Willoughby was diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of just 21 after using sunbeds four or five times a week […]

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A Trending Petition Is Going Around To Let A Retiring

In 34 years of service, Sergeant David Evans of the West Mercia Police force in the UK felt unhappy after learning that upon retirement, he would not be able to keep his four-year-old police dog, Ivy. His daughter was worried about the distress and heartbreak that it would cause his father, so she started a […]


What This Female Cop Does After BLM Thug Takes A

Police officers have the most dangerous job with less sleep and less pay, but respect for their profession has been wear down for decades. Radical leftwing groups like Black Lives Matter refuse to acknowledge that without the police, there would be no one to enforce law and order when thugs disturb the peace and threaten […]


Nurse Busted For What She Did To Unconscious Man’s Penis

A nurse in Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, New York was arrested for allegedly taking explicit photos of patients penis while they were unconscious. Kristen Johnson, 26, reportedly sent text messages with pictures of two passed out patients’ penises to co-workers, and was arrested and charged with unlawful surveillance and disseminating unlawful surveillance. “Despite what […]

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