• June 25, 2024

Girl Yelling At Overweight Man Eating Fast Food, Gets Healthy Dose Of Karma [VIDEO]

 Girl Yelling At Overweight Man Eating Fast Food, Gets Healthy Dose Of Karma [VIDEO]

A shocking video in which two girls boldly shame a fat man in McDonald has sparked outrage across social media.

The video shows a man being cruelly bullied for his weight by two girls as he waits in line to order. The bullies call him “disgusting” and say “fat people” should not be at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s.

The two men in front of the victim look shocked by the altercation as the girls tell him to “stop eating” and “jog on” because he’s “so fat already.”

A bystander asks one of the girls “What is your problem?” but she retorts back that she is “just trying to help him.”

“What, you think he should just carry on eating McDonald’s? He’s fat, he should leave,” the bully says before telling the man he should “order a f*****g salad.”

The confrontation becomes so heated that another customer steps in to defend the man, shouting, “I’ve got a belly as well, watch” as he lifts up his shirt to reveal his torso.

“You can’t treat him like that, how dare you,” he says before pouring his drink over the girl’s head, as other customers cheer him on.

The clip has received mixed reviews, having been viewed over 394,000 times on YouTube, with over 69,000 reactions from Facebook users, according to The Sun.

“Good on the bloke standing up for a stranger,” wrote one user.

Another user said: “They may be thin and pretty, but what evil, nasty, vile individuals these two poor excuses for females are. Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover! Well done to the gentleman that stood up for that lovely young man!”

But several users called out the video for being staged, with one person writing: “I like that someone helps the guy (who is getting verbally attacked) but it’s FAKE, look and listen at her reaction when he spills the drink over her, she says it in a way when a person knows they have a surprise party and walk in and shout ‘Oh my God…’.”

As it turns out, the skeptics were right. It’s been revealed the video is actually a prank created by YouTube channel Trollstation. The group says they perform “bizarre and often surreal pranks” on unsuspecting members of the public as social experiments.

Sources: opposingviews.com

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