• April 18, 2024

Florida Woman Finds 12 Foot Python Killing Her Goat [VIDEO]

 Florida Woman Finds 12 Foot Python Killing Her Goat [VIDEO]

A Florida woman found a snake eating her goat. She then took matters into her own hands. Horrific video of her revenge went viral in social media.

Rachel Valverde captured the horrific footage on her smartphone as she discovered the 12-foot python making lunch out of one of her goats. The video starts by showing Valverde approaching a small clearing in a wooded area where she immediately spots the giant snake wrapped around her goat.

Clearly, Valverde did not go into the woods unprepared as she is seen holding a Glock handgun. What happens next has caught the attention of over 8 million people on Facebook.

It’s very evident that Valverde takes the safety of her livestock quite seriously. As she walks up to the python, she raises her gun, takes aim, and puts the first round in the snake’s head. Immediately, the python takes its mouth off of the goat and starts to uncoil its body as it writhes in pain. But, Valverde wasn’t done there. She fired 5 more shots at the snake as it slithers away from the goat, according to the video also posted to Outdoor Hub.

Valverde, who has a seriously deadly aim, hits the snake at least a few times in the head as it continues to make its escape. Most people at this point would probably call it a day and just let the dangerous python die without getting closer to it. Not, Valverde. She knows that if this snake is left alone it will suffer for a while before dying. The footage continues as she follows the snake through the brush and literally stands on its tail so it can’t get away as she reloads and shoots it a couple more times.

For a split second, Valverde’s phone is pointed down and you can see the python’s tail wrapped around her foot as she puts the last couple of rounds in the snake’s body. For Valverde, this might not have been out of the ordinary, like it was for the millions of people who have watched her shocking video.

The footage is an incredible reminder that some folks live in parts of the country that are a bit more dangerous than others. And, in this case, it’s all thanks to the irresponsibility of other humans.

According to USGS, the Burmese python, which is the same species seen in the video, is an invasive species in Florida and is the cause of massive damage to many ecosystems and other animal species. Originally introduced to the area in the mid-1990’s, the huge constrictor continues to plague livestock owners throughout southern Florida. Many people blame irresponsible pet owners who set the snakes loose years ago, leading to the oversized population Floridians face today.

While a snake might sound like a fun pet to have, many don’t realize the size to which they can grow, the responsibility that comes along with feeding them, or that they are very likely to live for over two decades. So, if there’s anything to be learned from Valverde’s video, it’s not only to arm yourself when heading into what could be dangerous territory but also to choose your pets wisely because this could be the result of discarded pets by owners who simply don’t want to be bothered with them anymore.

Article Sources: Mad World News

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail Video Credit: Fox News/Youtube

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