• June 15, 2024

A beggar Who Turned Down A Full Time Job Offer Sparks A Debate On Social Media [VIDEO]

 A beggar Who Turned Down A Full Time Job Offer Sparks A Debate On Social Media [VIDEO]

A panhandler in Brighton, Michigan recently caught people’s attention after a stint with a local dealership.

In an attempt to help the homeless man holding a cardboard sign on the street, some employees from the nearby Honda dealership made him an offer. Something more than just a handout.

They offered the man a job which would pay him $10.00 per hour. But, as it turns out, the ungrateful beggar arrogantly refused the offer.

After the job offer refusal, the employees felt compelled to post a red sign on the property of the dealership – a notice would which ultimately cause a bit of heated debate on social media.

In close proximity to where the homeless man would stand, a poster was hung by the dealership employees. The sign read:

“Please Do Not give anything to this Panhandler. We offered him a full-time job at $10.00/HR He said: “I make more than any of you” and he did not want the job. please donate to a more worthy cause”

Some people posted comments such as:

“$10.00 an hour is not enough. It’s 2017 people not 1990.”

Another commented:

“I was homeless for 3 years and could not get a job. I never asked for money, the way people looked at me for hunting bottles and cans showed me how people really are I have since helped 5 homeless people get on their feet.”

As they say, there are always two sides to every story. Other readers came back with a different take on the panhandling situation,

“Thank you for doing this. So sick of seeing this fraud do this day in and day out for the last year! It about time he’s exposed.”

Another commented:

“Sad this happens, and yes it makes it difficult for the people who are really down on they’re luck and need a handout now and then. Good for the Car dealership.”

For a year and a half, she said a duo of panhandlers would stand at the road with signs saying, “Homeless, please help.” They were asking for money. Drivers knew them and described them as a father and son.

“It’s a scam,” Brighton resident Dan Golem said. “People like me, people like you, we’re working trying to provide for our families, and they’re just standing there.”

Police finally got involved and the duo was arrested. Tubbs said she saw the same men back at it shortly afterward.

Michigan State Police troopers said two people were arrested for vagrancy and disorderly conduct. Their names weren’t released because they haven’t been arraigned.

The sign at the dealership has been taken down.


Sources:  Life Aspire Photo Credit: Video Credit: Click On Detroit

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