Photos Of This Woman’s Bloody Keys Are Going Viral, And Now She’s Warning Other Women

Jessica Collins lives in Amarillo, Texas, a 27-year-old mother of six, was assaulted at her apartment complex at about 2 a.m., reports KPRC in Houston.

She posted several photos online early Friday morning. In the post she explains how she was saved by her car keys from a life and death situation.

Collins said she left her phone charger in her car and went outside to get it, but remembered to carry her keys in-between her knuckles for safety. She said this is a tactic her mother taught as a child from a women’s self-defense documentary on TV.

Collins said she unlocked her car, grabbed her phone charger and closed her door when a man punched her in the nose. Collins said she quickly reacted and punched him in the neck, which made the man run away while holding his neck.

“I was filled with fear, but my first thought was punch him so I can run to my apartment,” Collins told KPRC 2.

Once safely inside her apartment, she said she took pictures of her face and car keys then went to the police station to reports the assault. Collins said police were able to collect DNA from her attacker, but that he still remains on the run.

After surviving her attack, in an attempt to raise self-defense awareness for other women, she posted a bloody picture of her face and keys on Facebook right leaving the police station to warn and inform other women her self-defense tactic that can potentially save their lives.

“I’m trying to raise awareness for women. Many never think (it can happen to them) until it’s too late. I’m trying to potentially save lives,” she said.

The caption to her post reads as follows:

Thank you all for sharing and please continue to do so. I am just trying to raise awareness so many women and girls these days don’t pay attention or think untill it’s too late. So I’m not only trying to inform people but maybe even save lives. Feel free to share share share .Ladies if ur going somewhere alone always always carry your keys with one between two knuckles .. it’s so important to remember your safety. Especially when everything happens so fast…. Please be careful out there. He’s is still out there somewhere and I know there are probably others like this. Feel free to share to save a life.

Although the key knuckles approach worked for Collins, the Model Mugging organization, which offers self-defense training at 16 locations in the United States and Europe, recommends the “key knife” approach instead.

“To apply the key knife self-defense tactic, simply hold keys in your palm with the primary key between your index finger and thumb,” it is explained. It is a natural position, because “most people use this position everyday when unlocking their vehicle door, or the lock to their residence and workplace.”

While being in ready position to unlock a car or house door to escape a threatening situation, “the keys transform immediately and naturally into an improvised personal weapon that offers an effective means to strike into the eyes, throat, or ear canal, jugular notch, and testicles.”

At the end of the post, Collins adds that her attacker is still out there and urges everyone to be careful.

Collin’s Facebook post has gotten over 32,000 likes and is catching a lot of attention.


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