People Said This Dog Was Guarding Her Owner’s Grave, But They Uncovered A Stunning Secret

A rescuer immediately went to the cemetery after hearing that a stray dog had been spotted. There was indeed a dog keeping a lonely watch over a memorial. Mystery was then discovered after she take a closer look.

In 2015, animal lovers across in the internet were touched by a heartbreaking photo that quickly went viral. The picture in question originated from Serbia and appeared to show a grieving German shepherd in a cemetery. Naturally, then, it was assumed that the grave in the photo belonged to the dog’s departed owner.

Photo Credit to Reshareworthy, Vesna Mihajloski/Facebook

The emotional response for the apparently sorrowful dog was heard across social media – but something about the story is strange. There are, however, plenty of accounts of loyal dogs guarding the final resting places of their masters, so was it not possible that the German shepherd was doing just that?

The truth behind the viral photo is something no one expected. Animal rescuer, Vesna Mihajloski, did some investigation at the cemetery in Serbia and made a shocking discovery. This poor dog is actually a mother dog who dug a hole under the grave to create a warm and safe den for her four tiny puppies. Vesna took the dogs home and immediately began caring for them. No longer were they forced to seek shelter in a grave.

In the photos, follow along the mother dog’s journey as she and her puppies receive the care they desperately needed. Slowly but surely, thanks to Vesna and the heroes who stepped in to save them, the courageous canine family began to regain their health, and the transformation is astounding. The puppies are growing into playful, energetic, and goofy pups!

With just a little bit of compassion and kindness, this mother and her babies will now live the lives they so deserve.

Article Sources: Scribol, Little Things Photo Credit: Reshareworthy/Vesna Mihajloski

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