• June 24, 2024

A Circus Of Fools

 A Circus Of Fools

The congressional hearings taking place is a circus of fools performing mind-numbing acts of stupidity with a tedium that would make milk curdle.

The star witness, former FBI Director James Comey, has no credibility; in fact, he has gone out of his way to prove democrats were right in calling for him to be fired even before they accused him of being incompetent and costing Hillary the White House.

President Trump has done nothing wrong. He is guilty only of not signing an Executive Order sending 95 percent of congressional rats and 98 percent of judicial rats to Gitmo.

This hearing is nothing more than Kabuki Theater intended to smear the President.

When has a star witness, who has made the Keystone Cops look efficient and capable, who himself will be looked at closely by the special prosecutor met with said special prosecutor to go over testimony that he will give under oath unless the hearing and testimony were a sham and a charade?

Every step Comey has taken during the Clinton investigation, which he now admits Attorney General “Low-retta” Lynch asked him to refer to as a “matter” rather than an “investigation.” Apparently he didn’t think her request rose to the level of attempting to influence an open and ongoing investigation nor did he see it as Attorney General “Low-retta” Lynch using the power of her position to suggest what could be argued as leading to the subornation of perjury. Apparently Comey, who was Director of the FBI, never once considered that “Low-retta” Lynch would never make such a request on her own and that said attempt to influence the outcome of a federal could only have come from Obama himself or Valerie Jarrett acting on his behalf. Apparently a secret meeting aboard a government plane, on a tarmac in Arizona with the Attorney General, asking him to lie and misrepresent the investigation of an operator like Clinton didn’t concern him but President Trump speaking to him about loyalty did.

But when President Trump spoke of loyalty Comey suddenly became weak-kneed and soiled his panties because he felt disconcerted by such a remark.

After dealing with Clinton and her cabal, Comey expects us to believe he was concerned President Trump would lie about the meeting but he never suffered such concerns of the Clinton crime syndicate despite the mountains of evidence staring him in the face. This despite the fact that his own agents were going apoplectic with rage because Comey refused to indict her.

Good grief, can these people be any more pathetic? They are spending millions of taxpayer dollars on this waste of time; and worse yet, they know it.

I’ll tell you what President Trump is guilty of — he is guilty of having incomparable support of We the People and winning the White House. And the progressive liberals and “Never-Trumpers” are bitter about same.

The proof of my words is that literally weeks ago Clinton was doing her “road trip blame everyone but herself” for her heaven sent loss. And Comey’s name was at the top of the list of reasons for her losing. Now she thinks he is worth listening to?

I’ve spoken at length with my sources and to the person they are making the same points I have made in abbreviated fashion. In closing I leave you with this thought.

The presidential election took place on Obama’s watch. If there was concern about Russian involvement and tampering why didn’t Obama do something about it? Why didn’t he have “Low-retta” Lynch look into that instead of having her try to influence an investigation? And even if the Russians were involved, what makes their involvement any worse than Obama himself knowingly turning over top secret documentation to the Russians that they then used against us? What would make their involvement worse than Obama’s sending money and operatives to Israel in an attempt to orchestrate an election defeat for Prime Minister Netanyahu?

What you are witnessing is the debaucherous depravity of those elected to serve you and I. We should be outraged and that outrage should carry right to the ballot box. But based on experience, I must question the resolve of You the People to punish traitors at the ballot box. I saw it happen in the 2010 off-year elections and we all saw it happen in 2016. But do you have the resolve to make it happen again in 2018 congressional elections?


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