If You See Faces In These Photos You Suffer From Pareidolia [PHOTOS]

Here are some pictures of things which shows different images when we look at it closely. Some of the pictures are cool, weird, and some are even funny.

Have you ever seen a face in a place where there shouldn’t be a face? This is called pareidolia. It’s a psychological phenomenon where people see faces in everyday objects and it happens to almost everyone. We see faces in clouds, textures, a cup of coffee, and so forth. It’s kind of amazing sometimes just how much these “faces” really look like faces. Some of them can pass off as art!

Check out some of the best faces in places people have seen below. They’re not just basic faces, some look really detailed! Which one’s your favorite?

The goddess lives!

Everyone bow down and show your respects to the Sun Goddess.


Everyone run! It’s the end of the world!

That Hellephant is out to get us!


Are they two turtles?

Or two bearded men?


A flickering beauty.

Ghostrider, is this your girlfriend?


A floor of dogs.

Now, that’s something worth framing for all time.


Everyone meet, Sideshow Palm.

This is Sideshow Bob’s Brazilian cousin.


“Oh no please, no more!”

“Ok, ok, I’ll talk! Just stop!”


A cracked egg that ended up looking like a scared ghost.

Maybe it’s scared of its yellow butt.


These boxes are definitely up to something.

Be sure to watch the security cameras every morning!


These slippers look like they’re up to no good.

Watch yourself, they look like a pair of evil genius twins.


A cactus doing some rock climbing.

It’s just trying to get to its friends.


The after result of pouring milk into the coffee.

It’s Snoopy on the doghouse underneath the moon!


The type of face that looks like it would talk really slow and elongate each word.

“Heyyy yooouu guuuys!”


Someone climbed down a very dangerous and muddy hill just to take this photo.

So let’s all enjoy the Cookie Monster they found along the Mississippi River.


“Can everyone please calm the ____ down?”

“I ain’t going no where. You all will still be able to eat me no matter how I’m cooked.”


A very suspicious looking vampire.

Waking up from a hangover wondering what year it is?


Bird poop on someone’s windshield.

But it looks exactly like the head of a pigeon… and an angry one at that!


These pots are plotting something…

And it also looks like they’ve got too much mascara on.


“Pew pew, don’t trespass my property!”

We should listen to him, he sounds like he means business.


It looks like the guy in the martini may of had a little too much to drink.

The Evil Martini Monster finally caught up with the little fellow.


A bin that looks like Donald.

Whatcha doing there, President?


A happy snow-chair.

Someone stuck two black dots and came up with a winner.


Her suitcase looked really sad when it was left on the stairs.

“Why did you leave me behind? Am I not good enough for you?”


“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

“Those nasty bully kids did this to me!”


Someone found the little guy hiding behind a picture frame.

Doesn’t he look so happy to be found?



Sean Maddox

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