• February 22, 2024

Disturbing New Trend Replacing The ‘Thigh Gap’ [PHOTOS]

 Disturbing New Trend Replacing The ‘Thigh Gap’ [PHOTOS]

Protruding bones may be replacing the thigh gap trend and it’s worrying a lot of people.

The new Instagram craze features slim models such as Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Myleene Klass and more flaunting their rib cages while donning bikinis, New York Post reports.

While thousands liked their photos, adding that they wish they themselves had the models’ bodies, many voiced out their concern.

“Please don’t take it as an insult but you need to put on about five to 10 pounds,” one comment read.

“I can see her ribcage here,” commented a fan on 25-year-old Ratajkowski’s photos.

Fans echoed similar sentiments on other models’ pictures, some even calling the women “unattractive.”

Although Hadid, 20, is adamant she is healthy, telling Harper’s Bazaar she keeps in shape with “green juices, ginger shots and sauteed kale,” others do not agree.

“She looks sick/unhealthy…not in a good way,” commented one Instagram user on a picture of bikini-clad Hadid posing on a beach.

“Starvation to make money,” criticized another.


One mother went so far as to call for the removal of the picture.

“This photo should be banned from public,” she wrote. “As a mother of teenage daughter I find it disgusting that models [portray] such unhealthy images when they know that teenagers will follow their trend.”

Yet models are not alone in flaunting their unusually slim figures, pop stars seem to be joining in on the new trend, as well.

“Is it just me or does her stomach look really weird,” commented one Instagram user about 26-year-old Rita Ora.

In the past, many of those women who are being criticized for their skinny figures have defended their bodies.


“It’s disappointing that people are ready to criticize,” said Millie Mackintosh, who frequently uploads photos of herself donning bikinis revealing her ribs, reports the Daily Mail. “I am naturally slim and think there is a horrible assumption that if you are thin and work out, you must have some kind of issue with your weight.”

Some fans have agreed, chiding critics of the models and accusing them of employing another form of body shaming.

“I tend to agree with her,” wrote one Daily Mail reader. “I’m stick thin and people are always telling me that I’m too thin, but I’m 5 ft nothing with a tiny frame and I sit here thinking well what am I supposed to look like?!”

“I understand that our world might be sick of media shoving glorified, thin, air brushed models down our throats, but is the solution to throw all skinny women under a bus because they don’t have hips to hold on to?” adds Janne Robinson for the Elephant Journal.



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