The 25 Funniest Things That Ever Happened At The Doctor’s Office. [PHOTOS]

Here are some funny things you will find when you see a doctor in the hospital or in the clinic.

Being a doctor can be a highly stressful job at times. It’s a huge responsibility caring for patients, writing reports, monitoring and administering medication, conducting physical examinations, and let’s not forget the emergency situations when a person’s life is literally in the doctor’s hands. With that said, having such an occupation can eat away at a person’s sense of humor. Many doctors tend to be very serious.

However, some doctors manage to keep their sense of humor and make their offices fun. Although consistently goofing around wouldn’t be good for a doctor, some moderate fun is okay to lighten the mood every once in awhile.

Take a look at some of the funniest doctors below that prove laughter is still the best medicine.

#1. The doctor said: “You kinda look like that guy on the wall over there!”

He really does. Maybe the illustration was based on him?


#2. His work requires a doctor’s note if you call in sick.

I really like this doctor.


#3. Her dad got his hip replaced and had the doctor save it.

So he could turn it into a walking cane.


#4. A local dentist that has a ceiling of “Where’s Wally?”

This one’s for the patients to keep themselves occupied during appointments.


#5. The sink at a fertility doctor’s office in the “collection room.”

I don’t think I’d want to wash my hands on this sink.


#6. A nurse’s humor.

This had me in stitches. All jokes aside, this is actually quite impressive.


#7. A new sign at the doctor’s office.

A good sign for adults, probably not for kids though.


#8. Just a few words of wisdom from the doctor’s office.

This is the most relevant sign ever.


#9. Someone found this at her OB appointment.

These answers are perfect.


#10. This is is his Halloween costume, a tooth fairy.

Yes, he’s a dentist. And yes, he’s at work.


#11. His daughter is afraid of monsters in her closet.

The doctor had the pharmacy create this fill for her.


#12. He was waiting for his doctor’s appointment when suddenly he noticed…

I want to see who that sample came from.


#13. An illustrated pain chart in a doctor’s office.

Yep, this looks 100% accurate.


#14. This 2-year-old girl, who has been hospitalized, passes the time by playing the game Operation.

She plays with her doctor while he’s all scrubbed up and ready for surgery.


#15. They had a lecture at a medical school about giving bad news.

The doctor ended the hour with these photos…


#16. The doctor said the patient must wear this at all times.

Everyone needs a copy of this bracelet.


#17. Found at the doctor’s office.

Don’t say that word, it’s a virus!


#18. He got his wisdom teeth removed the other day.

And the doctor promised a funny picture would be taken while he was under anesthesia.


#19. A picture of someone’s prothesis doctor.

One serious badass, barbed wire and all!


#20. What a patient received after getting a vasectomy.

Just the type of complimentary bag the patient needs!


#21. Found at a dentist’s office.

Yup, that’s pretty much how it goes down at the dentist’s office.


#22. Found an interesting little sign at the doctor’s office.

It says: “You Will Obey And Wash Your Hands.”


#23. People should always choose the doctor with a sense of humor.

Like whoever came up with the idea for this door.


#24. They went to the wife’s first ultrasound.

And the doctor had a really interesting pen.


#25. It appears the hospital’s T-rex has a friendly reminder for everyone.

Now that’s a good point, T-rex.



Sean Maddox

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