• June 17, 2024

If Bill O’Reilly Is A Sexual Harasser, What The Hell Is Bill Clinton?

 If Bill O’Reilly Is A Sexual Harasser, What The Hell Is Bill Clinton?

Bill O’Reilly may have given his enemies the ammunition to destroy him, for right now at any rate, but the dishonesty of some involved cannot be overstated. I’m not here to proclaim O’Reilly innocent or too defend his actions; he was wrong on any quantifiable level. But the duplicitous hypocrisy and selectively feigned moral insult of those who, I argue, placed an “innocuous comment” on the same level as having their clothes ripped off and savaged is beyond the pale.

Having said that, unlike some of O’Reilly’s accusers, I under no circumstances condone powerful men who rape, beat, or force themselves upon women and/or manipulate women into immoral sexual behavior.

I offer women like Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton, and Kathleen Willey as examples of abused women O’Reilly’s accusers ignore. I offer for example Monica Lewinski who was seduced by the power of the Oval Office into making a decision that altered her life forever. What man can openly date and/or think about marrying Monica Lewinski without both he and her becoming the brunt of jokes and insults? Porn actresses are treated with more respect than Ms. Lewinski.

Which begs answer to the question, what makes Bill O’Reilly worse than Bill Clinton? Clinton’s physical and emotional abuse of women is unequalled by any man occupying seat(s) of power in modern political history. Add to that Clinton’s arrogant public display of camaraderie with Jeffrey Epstein, the registered sex offender?

The mainstream media points to the number of times O’Reilly was accused and that Fox News settled suits against him as substantiation of his guilt. But let’s ask these same people how many times Clinton gets to ride on Epstein’s private jet called the “Lolita Express” because it is “purportedly” outfitted with a bed so passengers can have sex with the young underage girls Epstein is known for supplying? Apparently the 26 times that we know of are not enough to incur the wrath and distaste for Clinton from the same people who are disparaging O’Reilly.

Apparently the adage of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” only applies to those the left does not like. How many times does Clinton get a pass for traveling without his Secret Service, on the flying sex parlor for men who want sex with little girls?

O’Reilly may be a throwback to the days when it was acceptable for lecherous disrespectful men in authoritative positions to smack a secretary’s rear end but he is not a Bill Clinton. Nor has O’Reilly been reported associating with the likes of Epstein.

And lest you have forgotten Epstein spent 13 months in prison and under house arrest for having a team of sexual traffickers who solicited and obtained little girls as young as 12-years-old to sexually satisfy his friends on his estate. His estate is on an island he owns in the U.S. Virgin Islands and is dubbed “Orgy Island.”

This is the person with whom Clinton continues to travel and yet these so-called defenders of women’s rights and protectors of women in the work place bow before him.

O’Reilly’s wife had the self-respect to divorce him but the same women accusing O’Reilly are frequently seen on television praising the Clintons. Where is Hillary’s self-respect in staying with a man who has made her a public laughing stock? But I digress.

Are we to believe that these women are representative of the “strong independent woman” radical feminists love to blather about? Would not a slap in the face and/or a verbal dressing down have put O’Reilly in his place? If they were the strong women we are supposed to believe why didn’t they put him in his place?

But accusing a person the neo-Leninist left deems a threat to their cause, of sexual harassment, has become an art form for the demonic forces of the left. The diagram for accomplishing this is always the same; get some woman of questionable moral standards and have them accuse the target of harassment.

O’Reilly should be a lesson to all men, especially those in the political arena. The adulterous leftists use sex to buy and own politicians, and they also use it to destroy those they hate.

That happens because men in these positions forget how the left plays the game. Accusations do not have to be true. There just has to be the appearance of impropriety that can be used to destroy a person.

Not all of O’Reilly’s accusers crying foul are being honest; some are ideologically motivated, while others are losers willing to sell their soul to be painted-faced Kewpie dolls wearing low cut tops and hiked up dresses in front of television cameras. And fortunately for both kinds, there’s enough O’Reilly’s out there for them to use.


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