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ANTIFA Threatens Desecration At Gettysburg

Even though Government officials doubt that the radical leftist group ANTIFA will carry through on threats to deface monuments and grave markers at Gettysburg National Battlefield, federal officials are not taking any chances. A spokesperson for the National Park Service said today that, The Park Service is keeping track of numerous possible indicators of trouble […]

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Forced To House Refugees In Hotels

Just how bad is the “Refugee” problem? Well in at least one country, the government is being forced to convert hotels into refugee housing. That’s right, the same hotels that have provided temporary shelter to summer’s flood of college students, tourists and even business travelers wanting to get a taste of the old France are […]

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Neighbors Use the 2nd Amendment to Instantly End a Nationwide

Convicts on a Georgia prison bus appeared to laugh and jump around as two corrections officers were shot to death earlier this week in an escape that prompted a nationwide manhunt. Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose were seized in the state of Tennessee. The men overpowered the guards as they were transported by bus to […]

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Day of Rage Aims To Topple Government

Once again, protesters are on the march with a stated goal of bringing enough pressure on the government to bring it down. Organizers say the march is in response to what is seen as a failure of government to respond to the issues surrounding the Grenfell Tower fire. Meanwhile, some have appealed to the demonstrators […]

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Driver Gets Strange Feeling About Boy On Bus. Then He

A 3-year-old boy was reported missing from a library outside San Francisco. About an hour later, Tim Watson, a Valley Transportation Authority bus driver, saw a man and boy on his bus who resembled the description of the suspect and child. At first, Tim didn’t think much of it — but moments later he noticed […]

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Pro Shariah Law Rally Falls Flat.

Yesterday morning as many of you were just getting up, there were already large groups of Patriots taking positions on street corners and in parks across the nation to fight for your rights as an American, by stopping the spread of Islamic Shariah Law in our country. While the left has tried to make these […]

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SATURDAY June 10th Is The Day To Act

Tomorrow, June 10th is going to be a busy day. All across the United States of America three very different groups have decided to make their wishes known to the citizens of our great nation. Muslim groups and their liberal supporters, have scheduled protests and demonstrations demanding that Sharia Law be placed into our legal […]

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Pro Trump Rally Ends With 14 Arrests

Sunday May 5th saw a peaceful, but well armed, group of supporters for President Trump exercise their right to free speech end in mass arrests by Portland, Oregon police. It was not exactly unforeseen, in fact, the city’s mayor had asked the group to cancel their legally permitted gathering and when they refused, he even […]

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The One Simple Reason Why A Second American Civil War

America has always had its divisions, and Americans have never really been a monolith. We’ve always been a nation of many nations. The culture of New England is different from the culture of the Deep South, which is different from the cultures in the West Coast or the Midwest. People living in the cities have […]

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The Latest State Attacking Confederate Memorials [VIDEO]

A GoFundMe page started by St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones aims to take down a Confederate Monument in Forest Park. The goal is to raise $25,000. The Confederate monument was placed in the park in 1914 by the Daughters of the Confederacy. It appears she had some trouble setting up the account. Jones tweeted Wednesday, “The word […]

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NOLA Government Commits “Crime Against History” [VIDEO]

Just after five am this morning, the liberal socialist mayor of New Orleans, committed one of the worst crimes against the history of the United States since the founding of our country. As a large contingent of Metro Police looked on, the Liberal bastion removed a statue of the first President of the Confederate States […]

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ANTIFA Meets Its Waterloo In New Orleans

It was a tense day, as militia members from all over the country and even Canada took up positions around several statues in New Orleans over the weekend. Nearly 150 men and women had answered the call for help put out by the III Percent members from the “Big Easy”. A call issued after they […]

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Thug Uses Pregnant Girlfriend As Human Shield During Swat Raid

A 21-year-old pregnant woman was killed during a Sunday morning shootout amid a SWAT raid at Florida home. Police were targeting Alteria Woods’ boyfriend and his father during the raid that left Woods dead and a deputy wounded. Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar said Woods was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire, but […]

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