SATURDAY June 10th Is The Day To Act

Tomorrow, June 10th is going to be a busy day. All across the United States of America three very different groups have decided to make their wishes known to the citizens of our great nation.


Muslim groups and their liberal supporters, have scheduled protests and demonstrations demanding that Sharia Law be placed into our legal system across our nation. A system of laws that sets Muslims above all other persons. Sharia not only gives preferential treatment to Muslims in all business dealings, but also effectively makes women and non-Muslims second class citizens In the case of rape or adultery, failure to prove your case results in death by stoning or at least 100 lashes. Clearly a violation of our Constitutional safeguards against cruel and unusual punishment.

As for Non-Muslims, practicing your religion or even living is seen as an affront to the prophet Mohammad and to their god, Allah. But to avoid slavery, you can pay a tax and promise not to offend the pious Muslims and they will let you live your life under their direction. That is of course unless you’re gay, then they toss you off a building or behead you. Both of which are blatant violations of our constitutional guarantees.

In addition to the Muslims trying to force Sharia Law down your throat, the group of socialists and anarchists known as ANTIFA are out to raise hell and bring about the downfall of more of our American History, the same way ISIS and the Taliban have in the Middle East. They have scheduled demonstrations in cities with strong southern heritages demanding the removal of statues of anyone that had any ties to slavery or honoring confederate soldiers for their sacrifices defending their homes from an out of control Federal Government bent on high taxes, restrictive laws and usurping States Rights, you know, just like our government today.

They have demanded the removal of the Confederate Battle Jack, Statues of Generals Lee and Beauregard, along with that of Jefferson Davis, and even Joan of Arch, though I am not sure what she had to do with slavery or the confederacy. Now they are attempting to force the removal of yet another great American, Sam Houston. Tomorrow will see a huge rally in of all places, Houston, Texas demanding the removal of his statue in a local park. Forget that Sam Houston actually opposed slavery, was a U.S. Senator or that he was removed from the governorship of the state of Texas because he was against his state joining the Confederacy.

In an effort to fight these demonstrations and unconstitutional demands, there are numerous counter-protest being planned in cities like St. Louis, Raleigh, Orlando, and you can bet the Texans will be out in force in Houston. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, because these groups are not only attempting to suppress your freedoms and rights, is to find the nearest counter-protest to your home and become involved in your future. You can choose to support your nation and Constitution or you can choose to let someone else do it. But if you’re not out there fighting the good fight, there is a very good chance that our weak-kneed politicians will take the easy way out and submit to these anti-American groups.

While your at it, you might want to look-up your local III% group and join the fight on a more permanent basis. If you don’t who will? So just go to your Browser and type in the word ACT to find the closest protest to you.


R.L. Grimes

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