• June 25, 2024

ANTIFA Threatens Desecration At Gettysburg

 ANTIFA Threatens Desecration At Gettysburg

Even though Government officials doubt that the radical leftist group ANTIFA will carry through on threats to deface monuments and grave markers at Gettysburg National Battlefield, federal officials are not taking any chances. A spokesperson for the National Park Service said today that, The Park Service is keeping track of numerous possible indicators of trouble at the Battle of Gettysburg anniversary from July 1-3 – including reports that ANTIFA may be planning to damage memorials and even desecrate gravestones at the historic battleground where the Union turned the tide of war against the South in 1863.


In posts from someone claiming to represent The Central Pennsylvania ANTIFA says on a Facebook page that such reports are “most likely false” and “smell fishy.” But since there have been shouting matches between groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and anti-Confederate flag protesters at past Gettysburg anniversaries, authorities believe that keeping a close watch on ANTIFA this year is warranted. Especially after several protests have devolved into physical violence at numerous demonstrations this year across the country.

United States Park Police said that they are treating the reports seriously and are working with several law enforcement agencies to ensure that if anyone chooses to exercise their free speech rights, they do so lawfully. Reports of possible AntiFa activities in Gettysburg have been a part of our preparation and planning,” said U.S. Park Police Sgt. Anna Rose. “Park staff have been coordinating with local law enforcement agencies including the Borough of Gettysburg, Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania State Police, the United States Park Police, and other National Park Service law enforcement specialists.”

In addition to all the Law Enforcement personnel, they will be getting help from hundreds of pairs of additional eyes, as several groups of Patriots have decided not to let ANTIFA’s un-American activities go unchecked. Groups such as the III%ers United Patriots, a national organization of men and women that support our history, the Constitution and our rights under it, have dispatched members to “stake-out” grave sites and memorials across the nation during this holiday weekend.

The Gettysburg anniversary brings together Civil War history enthusiasts who bear both US and Confederate flags for re-enactments and marches to commemorate the battle where between 46,000 and 51,000 soldiers from both armies lost their lives all of which have, by act of congress, been designated Honored American Veterans. In addition, there have been a handful of groups which have been granted permits for peaceful assemblies. The Sons of Confederate Veterans and a group called Real 3% Risen have received special use permits for 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday in a special section north of Meade’s Headquarters. While, Civil War reenactors from the Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans received a permit for a “site specific” march starting at Saturday, at 10 a.m. from the North Carolina Memorial to the Veterans Memorial.

But it’s the Socialist Anarchists of ANTIFA, which is purportedly threatening to burn the Confederate flag at the park, that is responsible for added security measures. National Park Police issued a statement that warned, “If individuals or groups decide to act unlawfully, plans have been put in place to efficiently address them while allowing other members of the public to enjoy the democratic process.”

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