• May 28, 2024

What Is Really Behind The Russia-Trump Story

 What Is Really Behind The Russia-Trump Story


What do you think is behind the so-called Russia-Trump harangue that is currently going on. Well if you say it is about transparency in government and wrong doing by candidates and elected officials, you are absolutely wrong. It has nothing to do with breaking any laws or malfeasance in office by any official, It is all about liberals trying to isolate a duly elected president that they hate with every fiber of their being from the citizens that support and elected him.


Don’t believe me, well lets look at one of the major complaints. Namely that the President compromised classified intelligence and gave it to the Russians. In case you don’t know, as the chief executive officer, the president has the power to declassify secret documents at will. In this case he did so without compromising intelligence community “sources and methods.”

Edward Snowden’s release of classified information in 2013, told the whole world including our enemies, that Washington collects every piece of data that passes through the worldwide web and related communications grids. Therefore, every government and individual bent on our destruction makes every effort to avoid sending any critical information across the web or unsecured phone systems. So acknowledging that fact by publishing the Russia-Trump intercepts tells no one nothing that they didn’t already know.

Neither did it put at risk the lives of any American spy or agent. The Presidents disclosures only made public the unconstitutional and illegal interference in the election process that had been committed by the U.S. intelligence agencies and political operatives in the Obama administration.

As for charges of obstruction of justice, that is also a joke since it isn’t evidence until there has been a crime committed. As I just pointed out, there was no crime. So, there is no possible obstruction. That is unless your a member of the Loony Left that believes that simply by occupying the Oval Office, Mr. Trump is committing a crime.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump continues to be assaulted from the left and Right as jackals nip at his heels. His only weapon against them, his trusty twitter account and the fasted thumbs in the East. Why does the media and his political opponents make fun of his use of that device? Simple, with it he stays in touch with the men and women that elected him and is able to tell them the truth without the media misquoting, misrepresenting or down-right lying about what happened or what was said.

Russia Gate is a simple witch hunt like no other in our history. It is designed to remove a valid and popular president from office so that the crooked, vile, two-faced entrenched politicians and their puppet masters can continue to pull the strings on American Government. Already the lines have been drawn, the treacherous Left with their legions of ignorant uninformed and under-educated thugs on one side, while the so-called defenders of the Republic, the GOP RINO’s are on the other side with our President standing in the middle. But the would be coup masters have forgotten about one thing. That is the millions of American voters that put Mr. Trump in office and still stand firmly behind him ready to come to his and our Constitution’s defense at a moments notice.

The American people have thrown off yoke of oppression before and we are fully capable of doing it again. A new war is coming, and rest assure there will be blood in the streets if the left insists on pursuing this path. But when the gun smoke clears, we know that our flag, Constitution and president will still be standing.

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