• July 15, 2024

ANTIFA Website Encourages Violence Against Americans

 ANTIFA Website Encourages Violence Against Americans

The ANTIFA website It’s Going Down has become the de-facto resource for anarchists and “anti-fascist” (read that Socialist) activists currently engaging in sporadic street battles across the United States against Trump supporters Patriot groups and the government. The site calls for violence against capitalists and anyone it labels a “fascist” meaning anyone that believes in the Constitution and the rule of law.


The site features a plethora of socialist posters for self-identified anarchists designed to brainwash ignorant liberal snowflakes and call for Trump supporters to be stabbed. One such poster published in April shows the silhouette of a man with a Make America Great Again hat and a Pepe the Frog lapel pin being cornered by a bayonet. Behind him is the transparent silhouette of a Nazi.

In addition, there are other offerings featuring the burning the Canadian flag ahead of that country’s 150th anniversary and a primer entitled introduction to anarchism that perfectly describes the victim mentality complex which most of the leftist ideology’s followers live with on a daily basis and which no medication short of arsenic can cure. It’s Going Down is an attempt by the Socialist leaders of the group to justify the violent actions demanded in many of its publications. Actions that the group says are not only good, but necessary to the survival of minorities and the disenfranchised around the world.

There is also a library of downloadable publications which offers “insightful” articles that call for “insurrection, mass resistance and refusal” and says that so-called moderate liberals need to join arms with the socialist far left. One such article describes liberal allies as “accomplices” to capitalists. A piece titled Work, Community, Politics, War suggests that anarchists “are imposing our needs on society without debate” and urge members to use militant tactics against employers and law enforcement.

As with any group of social justice warriors, or misguided children, the ANTIFA website also offers a variety of publications on “gender and patriarchy,” including one called Toward the Queerest Insurrection, which describes being queer as “the cohesion of everything in conflict with the heterosexual capitalist world.” Another equally disgusting piece entitled Dangerous Spaces,offers fictional revenge stories against homophobes and rapists. It is “a violence that liberates.” It opens with a note that also serves as a disclaimer: “Much of the content in this zine may be triggering.”

All in all I believe you will find the site a sick tribute to the disgusting illness that is plaguing our society as a whole. But looking it over, may give you the courage to face down your spoiled little brats and tell them the facts of life you should have told them when they were five. “Grow up or get out and find a job to support yourself, the basement is closed” Maybe you can even explain to them just who the Brown Shirts were and how much they resemble them.

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