NOLA Government Commits “Crime Against History” [VIDEO]

Just after five am this morning, the liberal socialist mayor of New Orleans, committed one of the worst crimes against the history of the United States since the founding of our country. As a large contingent of Metro Police looked on, the Liberal bastion removed a statue of the first President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis. So disgusting was the act, that workers removing the statue shrouded themselves in dark clothing and masked their faces.

Hundreds of persons looked on in the early morning hours to watch as the memorial was desecrated one last time. The monument to Jefferson Davis was erected in 1911 and had stood in its location at the corner of Jefferson Davis Parkway and Canal Street for 106 years. But there it stands no more. Shortly after 3 a.m crews showed up to start the removal process.

jeff davis

By Five o’clock the evil deed was done. The statue was lifted off its pedestal using a sling encased in bubble wrap before it was hoisted in the air and laid down on the bed of a truck. The liberal mayor and brother of the former governor, issued a statement on the removal of the landmark. “This morning we continue our march to reconciliation by removing the Jefferson Davis Confederate statue from its pedestal of reverence,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

In all, the city plans on removing four monuments to members of the Confederacy, this was the second to be removed. As it was removed, the two factions were separated behind barricades, just feet apart from each other. Shouts, insults and profanity laced the verbal exchanges. But it is really doubtful if most of them on either side really understands what was being done in front of them.

History is an analytical look at the events which happened in our past which had a profound effect on what made us the way we are and continue to effect us even to this day as we evolve into something better. History is kind of like a road map for the human race which helps us to not make stupid mistakes again and become a smarter, more logical people. When you attempt to erase history, you only open the facts to being misconstrued, and give them an almost “Holy” aura.

It has not worked for the items and symbols of the “Third Reich”, Germany has outlawed those symbols for more than 70 years, but not only are they alive and thriving, the “Fourth Reich”, is now stronger and has more members than at any time since World War II. Nazism is flourishing in Europe today. So it will be with the Confederacy.

The confederacy was not founded on slavery, the Confederacy was founded as a rebuke to the Federal Government. A government that had overstepped the limits placed on it by the Constitution. It was a government that was unjustly taxing some states and individuals while letting other off cheap. In addition it was spending millions in taxes on infrastructure in the North, while it ignored the needs of the people in the South that generated those taxes. Slavery was not even an issue until almost a year into the war when the North was in danger of losing and Lincoln hoped to start a slave uprising in the south..

The simple fact is that you do not change history. History is facts that really happened. You can cover it up, you can deny it, you can refuse to learn from it’s lessons. But none of that will change what happened or why it happened. Only studying it and learning from it will erase the pain and prevent something similar from happening in the future. As one resident asked, “what is next, the Statue of Liberty because it offends someone.”



R.L. Grimes

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