ANTIFA Meets Its Waterloo In New Orleans

It was a tense day, as militia members from all over the country and even Canada took up positions around several statues in New Orleans over the weekend. Nearly 150 men and women had answered the call for help put out by the III Percent members from the “Big Easy”. A call issued after they learned that the communist group ANTIFA, was busing in hundreds of activists from across the nation in an attempt to deface and destroy several Confederate monuments.

Already on watch against local members of the Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panther Party, New Orleans militia members were forced off the grounds of the General Robert E. Lee Memorial when police received bomb threats against that memorial on Friday. Then on Friday night, leftest thugs defaced another statue by pouring red paint over it. That was when the local militia requested backup from other groups to protect the historical figures from Sunday’s planned assault by Leftest thugs.

My Group from Florida was one of those that answered the distress call arriving on the scene around 11:30 pm Saturday night. After our arrival, we, along with members of other groups from California, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and even Canada, sat down with local leaders to discuss a plan of action for the next day. It was decided that we would split our force into two groups, one to reinforce the primary target, the Lee memorial, and a second “Flying Squad” that would be held in reserve and could be deployed to where it was needed most.

As Sunday morning came we woke to find that an overnight meeting with the Police Chief had brought promises that unlike in Berkeley, California, New Orleans officers would take an active role in enforcing the peace. Since we had no idea of just when the ANTIFA group would make their move, we decided to move to our positions right after our morning briefing. We now knew thatANTIFA had planned to start their march on the Lee monument at 1:00 pm, and that overnight, they had, with the blessing of the New Orleans Mayor, bused in over 800 of their thugs for the incident. That meant that even with the New Orleans Police, we were going to be out numbered more than 4 to 1.

We arrived at the monuments to find that there were already around 200 people there milling around and hurling insults at the protectors of the statues already on patrol. The temperature was in the upper 70’s and destined to get hotter even as tempers grew shorter. One o’clock came and went with no marchers showing up. But the police were alerted that they were conducting a raid on an ANTIFA safe house that they had learned was stocked with firearms and explosives and some of our Police Officers were pulled away to help secure that area. That call proved to be a ruse.

Then around 2:00 the ANTIFA marchers started to arrive. The police had divided off the area into two parts with a 10 foot corridor between them. Peacekeepers on one side and the marchers on the other with our few remaining officers in the middle. By 2:30pm, the socialist rabble was all there, most content with confronting the militia peacekeeping force across the metal barriers. Doing little more that shouting their slogans and hurling insults at both the police and militia members. (Black Lives Matter Anti-Trump Protest: “We Need To Start Killing People”)

But while this was going on, a small group of ANTIFA thugs circled around the block attempting to come in behind the peacekeeping force. This group was intent on causing trouble and starting a major confrontation. Well it didn’t work out that way. They made the mistake of first entering into a verbal confrontation with a very militant group that was not part of the Militia. Then one ANTIFA thug pushed one of their members. Nearby officers saw what happened and quickly converged on the socialist thugs, but not before several of them managed to get punched out.

Police officers arrived just in time to arrest 7 of the ANTIFA members for assault and run off the rest of them. As for the main group, they remained for about another 20 minutes and then decided to move off to one of the other statues that they had threatened to pull down using chains and pick-up trucks. (Krispy Kreme Employee Writes “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on Officer’s Order [VIDEO])

The Socialists mob, found defeat there also, as they were turned away by police officers and a second group of militia peacekeepers. It turned out to be a good day for the police, militia members and everyone that believes in the Bill of Rights and Freedom of Speech. We in the Militia all counted this as a major victory over the Uber-liberal group since we had no one injured, no officers were harmed and ANTIFA was deprived of any major press coverage like they received in Washington, Portland, or Berkeley from their deliberate destruction of public monuments.
(Harvard Students To Hold Their Own “BLACKS ONLY” Graduation Ceremony)

I think Andrew Jackson would have been proud of the way we turned back the forces of darkness just as he did the English 203 years ago.

R.L. Grimes

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