Diners Reject Homeless Man Begging For Scraps. But Mom Hears God Say Don’t Let Him Get Away [VIDEO]

A beautiful young lady and mother of two have just blessed a homeless man who was found wandering on the street and waiting for diners so he could eat their leftovers.

Bonnie Monroe of Swainsboro, Georgia, said she was just eating dinner at Mi Ranchos in Augusta with her son when she noticed a homeless man walked begging from table to table but he was chased away.

He gave up and left the restaurant but Monroe claimed that God immediately spoke to her not to let him go so she went after him.

Monroe took to her Facebook profile on Sunday, June 11, revealing how she watched the young man walked away, how God spoke to her and how she enjoyed a lovely dinner with him.

Used to rejection, the man was cautious. “He told [us] he was hungry and would love to eat with us but those people didn’t want him around and he doesn’t want to get hurt so he’ll wait in the alley and just will eat our scraps,” Monroe wrote.

She still insisted that he get something to eat. Soon, they found out that the man’s name was Byron and that he was homeless.

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