Pro Shariah Law Rally Falls Flat.

Yesterday morning as many of you were just getting up, there were already large groups of Patriots taking positions on street corners and in parks across the nation to fight for your rights as an American, by stopping the spread of Islamic Shariah Law in our country. While the left has tried to make these men and women out as Racists, Homophobic, Muslim haters, that could not be further from the truth. In fact, at Saturday’s protest in Orlando over 150 American Heroes, who’s names you will likely never know, stood against and defeated a group of Islamic’s and socialists supporting the introduction of Shariah Law into the U.S. Legal system.

orlando fight

The demonstration had been planned by ANTIFA working with Muslim groups across the nation. Other rallies were being held from New York City to Portland Oregon to Houston, Texas. Some of these events did turn violent, but I can only speak to the one in Orlando, because I was one of the participants there.

ANTIFA had promised a large group of protesters for the event, but determined to bring out the truth and maintain the peace, several Patriot groups showed up to counter the groups lies. But the Pro-Shariah group, could only manage about 35-50 protesters for their side. The protest at the intersection of the North Econlockhatchee Trail and Valencia College Lane remained peaceful throughout the day even as both the air temperature and tempers increased.

Orlando Police Officers where there as well to make sure nothing got totally out of hand and protect personal and public property. They were, as always, professional and polite, only having to intercede one time as an anti-shariah protester attempted to cross the street and was forcibly stopped by an Islamic supporter. One arrest was made in the incident which was the only problem of the day.

While the Anti-Shariah protest was held under the banner of a nationwide effort organized by American Congress for Truth, better known as ACT for America, there were members of about 8 different organizations that attended. While the groups maintained many different beliefs, all were united in the belief that Sharia Law must be stopped in this country. Already in areas of California, Minnesota, Michigan and even Texas, Shariah Councils are being held, and concepts counter to U.S. Law are being used by some judges to justify their decisions.

Many of the anti-Shariah protesters stressed they were not associated with ACT, but support the Anti-Shariah Law cause. We are, “not anti-Muslim, or Anti-Islam. We are Anti-Shariah because no country can have two sets of laws, we have a constitution that protects us from Cruel and Unusual punishment, grants us Free Speech, The right to Free Assembly and the right to protest our government. Shariah Law does none of these things.”

What we’re here for is the right for you to be able to do this. It’s in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,” Robert Santos told a counter protester. “It is really against Shariah Law. I mean, you couldn’t do this if Shariah Law was in effect.”

But Pro-Shariah organizer Erin Westfall, 19, said Shariah Law is not a threat to America. She said she believes the Anti-Shariah marchers were actually against all of Islam. You have no right to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t believe. I don’t think that it’s fair to scapegoat innocent people.” Of course, Westfall who also described the opposition as fascist and racist, had no response for why Anti-Shariah protesters had Blacks, Latinos, Hispanics and Gays protesting Shariah Law along with the “White Americans.”

The United States has always been a nation of “ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE” no nation can survive with one law for you, and another for me. That is why if Muslims are going to live in the United States, they must give up some of their teachings and beliefs and assimilate into the American culture. They must become American Muslims, not Muslim-Americans.

R.L. Grimes

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