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Soldier Stuck In Airport For 2 Days, Until A Stranger

Keaton Tilson is a 19-year-old U.S. Army mechanic from Granite City, Illinois. He’s currently stationed at Ft. Hood in Texas and received last minute leave to go home. Keaton hadn’t been home since Christmas. Since his leave was on such short notice, he got stuck at a Dallas airport for two days straight. Each time […]

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Man Pulls Over When He Spots An Owl By Side

Although it’s always better to leave interaction with wild animals to the professionals, one lucky owl was more than happy to find help from an ordinary man who stopped to check on him. Joel Todd was driving in Alabama with his wife, Monica, when he spotted the owl dangerously close to a busy highway. He […]

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He Had A Vasectomy But Learns Wife Is Pregnant, Writes

Rachel Brummel’s husband Tim had a vasectomy after their third child. They thought that their family was complete, and they seemed as happy as can be. It doesn’t occur often that a man can tell his wife or girlfriend that she’s pregnant without her knowing, but Tim Brummel managed to know about their new child […]

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Woman Picks Up A Pretty Piece Of ‘Glass’ Only To

You could have heard concerning the 4 C’s relating to purchasing diamonds – minimize, colour, readability, and carat weight. Did you already know that the bigger the carat (or weight of the diamond), the rarer the diamond? Victoria Brodski discovered this lesson on her 25th birthday on May 6, 2017 at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds […]

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This Teen Was Dead For 20 Minutes. Who He Met

Doctors can chronicle in great detail what happens to the human body when a person dies. But no one can say with certainty what happens to the person’s soul when the heart stops beating. Scientists tend to shy away from this topic because it’s hard to prove where the soul and essence of a person […]

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Why man burst into tears when he opened giant birthday

There are all sorts of birthday gifts that this 35-year-old Oklahoma man could have imagined receiving on his birthday, like a tool kit, hunting gear or something for a mancave. But according to Shareably, what he saw when he opened his oversized birthday box present had him breaking down with tears of joy. What is […]

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Fallen officer’s daughter escorted to prom by entire police department

For the daughter of a brave fallen police officer, she attended her prom in a way that will never be forgotten, according to Fox11 LA. Once you view the photos of how the Riverside, California Police Department celebrated the memory of fallen Detective Doug Jacobs, whose 17-year-old daughter Rachel was only 6-month old when he […]

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Teen Boy’s Friends Can’t Quite Place His Prom Date, Then

An Ohio teenager made his mother’s dream come true by inviting her to be his date for prom after she missed out on hers (video below). MelissaRoshan Potter, 36, grew up in 23 different foster homes, WCMH reported. Her mother had her after being raped at age 13, and she gave birth to her own […]

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Cop Catches Girl Stealing $2 Sneakers – What He Does

What would you do if you were in your first week on the job and you receive a call to head out to deal with a theft from a store by a juvenile? Well Atlanta police officer Che Milton’s decision when he arrived at the Atlanta Family Dollar Store may have changed the young 12-year-old’s […]

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Hospital Worker’s Secret Revealed After 8yrs Of Doing It Under

A food service aide at a Chicago-area children’s hospital quietly saved up for an incredible surprise for the children at the hospital. Jessie Tendayi, 54, a cafeteria worker at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, saves her money every year to do something special for the children at the hospital around Christmas time. This […]

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5-Year-Old Girl Saves Family After Car Crash

You won’t believe how brave this little girl was, read the story below and share… A 5-year-old Canadian girl may very well have saved her family’s life by flagging down help after her mother crashed their car. The incident occurred on June 8. Angela Shymanski was driving near a mountainous area when she fell asleep […]

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12yo Caught Shoplifting Shoes For 5yo Sister Gets Something Unexpected

According to a Facebook post from the City of Atlanta Police Department, officer Che Milton was responding to a routine shoplifting call  and found a 12-year-old girl held at a Family Dollar store for attempting to steal a pair of $2 shoes. This Atlanta police officer’s act of kindness is winning over the city — and the entire internet […]

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Elderly Vet’s Card Is Declined At The Register, That’s When

If ever you’ve forgotten your wallet with a conveyor belt full of groceries, you know how humiliating this “oops moment” feels. Or, taking it one step further – being told in front of the crowded line of people waiting behind you that your card has been declined. Ugh. One man recently endured a mortifying situation, and […]

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School Has Had Enough Of Disrespect Towards Flag, Makes Announcement

Over the years, many people have increasingly begun to disrespect our flag and pledge. When I was a child, it was required to start every day by reciting the pledge. My how things have changed… However, things are starting to turn back around and many schools, colleges, and professional organizations are taking action. One school district […]

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Woman Accepts Ticket From Police Then Drives Home, But Later

  A pair of deputies from Brevard County, Florida, are receiving praise online for assisting a family that seemed to be down on its luck. Two police officers in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sean Cronin and Field Training Officer Anthony Gonnelly, noticed that a mother and her family were going through hard times […]

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Airlines Attendant Suddenly Tells A Mom To Get Off Flight,

  Southwest Airlines did something thoughtful and spectacular for one of its passengers after learning her personal situation. According to Fox News, Peggy Uhle was on a departure flight in Chicago that was preparing to head toward the runway for Columbus, Ohio, when the plane suddenly turned back to the gate unexpectedly. The flight attendant approached […]

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WHITE Cop Makes HUGE Sacrifice For BLACK Cancer Patient, Liberal

An Indiana police officer decided to donate his kidney to a complete stranger after talking with him at Cracker Barrel. Lt. John Branson with the Anderson Police Department started up a random conversation with Vietnam veteran Edgar Roberts last summer, reports Fox 59. “I walked through a Cracker Barrel and I’d seen a gentleman sitting […]

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