Man Pulls Over When He Spots An Owl By Side Of Highway, What Happens Next Is Amazing (VIDEO)

Although it’s always better to leave interaction with wild animals to the professionals, one lucky owl was more than happy to find help from an ordinary man who stopped to check on him.

Joel Todd was driving in Alabama with his wife, Monica, when he spotted the owl dangerously close to a busy highway. He couldn’t help but pull over to try and nudge the owl back to a safer distance, but the owl decided he really liked Joel. He immediately started climbing up the man’s leg. Joel tried to keep him from making his way all the way up by leaning his arm down — but the owl only saw that as an invitation to hitch a ride.

While they waited for help to arrive, Monica gave her husband the nickname “owl whisperer.” When a ranger from Alabama State Parks finally took over, she agreed that the owl’s behavior toward Joel was pretty unusual..

The owl is now in good hands and being treated for any ailments he might have. Hopefully, he’ll be able to return to the wild stronger than ever.

Take a look below to hear from Joel about the incredible rescue.

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Source: WHNT


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