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She Wakes Up Miraculously From Coma, Doctors Deliver News No One Saw Coming [VIDEO]

 She Wakes Up Miraculously From Coma, Doctors Deliver News No One Saw Coming [VIDEO]

Back in September 2012, Gemma Holmes, 26, was riding her moped very fast when she crashed into a car. The accident was so destructive it threw the young woman up into the air and drove her into a metal lamppost.

Holmes was rushed to the hospital. There was a chance she would not make it. But she underwent numerous surgeries and survived. However, during those procedures, the doctors realized that she had received a serious concussion, a fracture to her spine, and broken extremities.

Despite their best efforts, the doctors had little hope. Holmes probably wouldn’t survive. Then she slipped into a coma and they thought she was done for.

But then, against the odds, Gemma Holmes woke up from the coma after three months. Her health had improved, her body was healing, and she was able to speak again. Then doctors discovered that a “foreign body” had started growing inside the woman while she was in the coma…

At first the doctors worried that they had made a mistake during the surgery. Had they left something inside her? Had they caused a tumor to grow?

But after running some tests, they realized the truth: Gemma Holmes was four-months pregnant! However, her severe brain injury meant that she did not remember the child’s father, nor could she even identify her own parents. She was a shell of her former self…

Doctors ordered Gemma to choose between an abortion or a C-section without anesthesia. The little baby inside her was much too weak to get the anesthesia. Everyone thought she’d abort the child, since keeping it risked breaking her spine again.

Despite the horrific circumstances Holmes had awoken to, the brave woman decided to carry her baby to term.

“I was told I could get an abortion if I want to. But I couldn‘t — I felt the baby growing inside of me. It was very difficult … It was terribly painful for me to walk. But I was thinking about my baby all the time and it was giving me a reason.”

As she recovered in the hospital from the moped crash, Holmes watched as her belly grew. The doctors and nurses would come and have her listen to her baby’s heartbeat. And every few weeks, she saw the child on the sonogram. It was a dream come true.

Finally, as per the schedule, doctors performed a caesarean section on May 2, 2013. They were able to give Holmes light painkillers, but it was a terribly painful procedure. The pain was unbearable. But as soon as she saw her son, Ruben, Holmes completely forgot about what she had endured.

When Holmes first held her son, she was overwrought with emotion. Just months before, she had been a single woman willing to ride her moped at break-neck speeds. But now she had a little life to take care of. Things had changed drastically while she was in the coma.

After the birth of Ruben, Holmes needed to go through more operations. Although it was still torture, Ruben helped make everything better for Gemma.

Gemma made a choice that ultimately saved two lives. And now she and her son are healthy and happy.

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