12yo Caught Shoplifting Shoes For 5yo Sister Gets Something Unexpected From Police Officer

According to a Facebook post from the City of Atlanta Police Department, officer Che Milton was responding to a routine shoplifting call  and found a 12-year-old girl held at a Family Dollar store for attempting to steal a pair of $2 shoes. This Atlanta police officer’s act of kindness is winning over the city — and the entire internet when he said he wanted to find out more about the living conditions of the girl, who said she wanted the shoes for her 5-year-old sister.

When Milton took the girl home, he found out that she was the oldest of four children living in a home without much furniture in the house. “There were not enough beds for all of the children,” the Facebook post read. “The only furniture in the house was an old sofa and there was not much food in the home.”

The 12-year-old’s mother told the police officer that she didn’t work because she couldn’t afford daycare while she said her husband works as part time and doesn’t make enough money to support their needs. Officer Milton offered his hand to help the family. He ordered pizza and paid for it on his own. His department also has joined in the effort to help the family and they took to Facebook to solicit help from people around with world.

They posted the sizes of the children so that people can send clothes, shoes, diapers or gift cards.

They wrote on Facebook:

“12-year-old girl wears a size 12/14 women’s clothing and a size 7/8 women’s shoe
5-year-old boy wears a 5T/6T clothing and a size 12 shoe
4-year-old girl wears a 4T/5T clothing and a size 10 shoe
3-year-old boy wears a 4T/5T clothing and a size 10 shoe
2-year-old girl wears a 2T/3T clothing and a size 6/7 shoe
3-month-old girl wears 3 to 6 month clothing now and same for shoe size.

“If you would like to help the mother, she is 35 years old and wears a size 16/18 clothing and a size 8.5-9.5 shoes.

“Family is in need of diapers and wipes, diaper size 2 and 5. They are in need of a few furniture items such as a sofa, table, chairs, lamps. They can use clothing and blankets. Please feel free to donate larger sizes as the younger kids are growing fast.

“These items may be dropped off or sent to the Atlanta Police Zone 1 Precinct located at 2315 Donald Lee Hollowell Dr. NW Atlanta, 30318.

“We have set up an email address to inquire about the family’s needs. That email address is [email protected]

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