Here’s The Type Of Policer Office Body Cam Footage More News Outlets Need To Show [VIDEO]

This kind of thing seems like it only happens in the movies. Someone on the immediate verge of committing suicide was saved by a cop who arrived at the exact perfect time. His stunning video footage captures the amazing moment.

The bodycam video captured footage of a Connecticut cop running up a flight of stairs at the Whitney Center retirement home. He raced up the stairs and found the man before he took the life ending leap. Whitney Center staff called the police because the man was being “combative.” Officer Justin Martin arrived and found the man on the third floor. The man ran up the stairs to escape, as Officer Martin followed behind him to the sixth floor, where the man was seen running through a doorway.

Martin yelled, “Hey, hey, hey!” repeatedly as the man approached a railing on the terrace. The man went to dive, head first, but Officer Martin managed to grab him by his legs and feet before he could make the fatal jump. The man resisted, kicking and trying to pull away from the officer, but Martin was able to bring him to safety. The resident was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital for evaluation.

Hamden Police Chief Thomas Wydra told the New Haven Register that the officer was “heroic and remarkable.” He noted, “I think you can see from the recording that another second, this resident would have been successful at jumping from the sixth floor.” Wydra continued, “When you think about it, Officer Martin could have gone over the ledge with the man — the man was literally going over the edge of the roof — and because Officer Martin is a big, strong, young man, he was able to pull the man back on the balcony.”

The police chief could not stress enough how incredible Officer Martin’s actions were, adding, “He really risked his life. When you watch the recording, he could have easily gone over the ledge with the resident by grabbing him that way.” Commenters on the ABC News YouTube video were understandably impressed with the officer’s timing, with notes such as: “Respect for that cop,” “That was very close,” “give him a raise and get the suspect/ victim some help,” and “right on man holy close call! guys a hero!”

Others commented: “wow thank goodness he’s ok” and “See, now that’s a great officer, kudos to you!”

Other readers, however, had a different take on the incident, with comments such as: “Sad when you’re that age and can’t even die the way you want. I’m just saying,” and “I wouldn’t stop anyone from killing Him/Her I mean it’s their choice.”

Another noted:

“Poor guy, those retirement homes arent much different than prisons. Hope his family take him back in.”

Comments on the New Haven Register’s coverage of the story noted: “the cop is probably gonna get sued for a civil rights violation” and “I saw this quick thinking police officer on the news. It was youth at its best, stopping a crazed man from being permanently disabled or death.”


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