School Has Had Enough Of Disrespect Towards Flag, Makes Announcement That Is LOUD and CLEAR

Over the years, many people have increasingly begun to disrespect our flag and pledge. When I was a child, it was required to start every day by reciting the pledge. My how things have changed… However, things are starting to turn back around and many schools, colleges, and professional organizations are taking action.

One school district in Manheim Township, Pennsylvania, has instituted a new code of conduct to be announced at all sporting events that demands attendees salute the flag or be ejected from the premises. This new mandate has people up in arms.

School officials in Manheim Township, Pennsylvania, have rewritten the announcement preceding its district’s sporting events to instruct attendees on how to act during the singing of the national anthem.

Parents were shocked when the following announcement was read at a girls soccer game last week.

“Code of Conduct
Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Manheim Township’s Kruis Field at Memorial Stadium. In tonight’s Girls soccer game, the Blue Streaks host the Comets of Penn Manor. The Lancaster-Lebanon League and Manheim Township School District are emphasizing good sportsmanship from all coaches, athletes, and fans. This contest is being played for the benefit of the students and student-athletes of these schools. No body paint, noisemakers, rally towels, signs, or banners are permitted. No fans are permitted on the track at any time. Now let’s meet the starting lineup, first from our visiting Comets (you will need starters from PM and Terry)……Now the Lady Blue Streaks

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and face the flag, gentlemen please remove your headgear. During our National Anthem, we ask that everyone display dignity and respect for our flag, the symbol of the freedom that was won by the millions of men and women who have defended and continue to defend our great nation. Anyone not honoring this request to be respectful will be removed from the gymnasium/stadium.

At this time let’s honor America as (GR) sings/plays the National Anthem.”

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