Woman Picks Up A Pretty Piece Of ‘Glass’ Only To Discover It’s A 2.65 Carat Diamond [VIDEO]

You could have heard concerning the 4 C’s relating to purchasing diamonds – minimize, colour, readability, and carat weight. Did you already know that the bigger the carat (or weight of the diamond), the rarer the diamond? Victoria Brodski discovered this lesson on her 25th birthday on May 6, 2017 at Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park.

She saw something sparkling on the ground and thought it was a piece of glass – it wasn’t. It was a 2.65 carat diamond! Waymon Cox, a park interpreter, said that the diamond looked like raw honey with smooth rounded surfaces. Brodski’s diamond is the second largest one found this year! Watch the video below to see the stunning gem and to find out what Victoria is going to do with it!

Source: relayhero.com

Rafael Smith

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