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Incredible Footage Of Helo Attack On ISIS Convoy… They Never

Airstrikes destroyed around 200 vehicles believed to be carrying ISIS fighters fleeing one of their former strongholds, a senior Iraqi official told NBC News on Thursday. The attack targeting a convoy killed an unknown number of people. Brig. Yahya Rasool, a spokesman for Iraq’s Joint Operation Command, said helicopters and warplanes fired at vehicles on […]


Jihad in Michigan Officer Stabbed In Airport Attack

The FBI has taken over the investigation of the stabbing of a Flint Michigan police officer at the city’s Bishop Airport. The attack has been labeled as a ‘probable act of terror,’ according to reports in local media. Witnesses say that a man, later identified as a Canadian, repeatedly stabbed the officer while shouting “Allahu Akbar” […]



Officials at Scotland Yard are investigating yesterday’s incident at a London mosque as a possible reverse terror attack. A spokesperson told media that the attack appears to have been motivated by the recent string of similar attacks on Tourists and citizens in Spain, Pairs and London carried out by Muslim Terrorists. Video was released earlier […]


Two Muslim Immigrants Arrested on Terror Charges: Strong Ties To

Two Muslim men who both trained with Hezbollah before immigrating to the United States have been arrested on terror charges.  Ali Kourani and Samer El Debek, a/k/a ‘Samer Eldebek, have been arrested on charges that they have been working for Hezbollah here in the United States and Panama. It was their job to locate key […]


Chilling Moment Man Disguised In Burka Lures Schoolboy Away To

This story is a very difficult one to tell. The video…even more difficult to watch. Although it shows no violence or inappropriate content, knowing what is happening and what is going to happen to this poor innocent child is more than just heartbreaking. Enough to make one physically sick with sorrow and empathy for this […]


Gun Fire Rains Down On GOP Baseball Practice

While details are still coming in, one thing is clear, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and a congressional aide were shot by a rifle-wielding gunman who opened fire on a charity GOP baseball practice in Virginia Wednesday morning. In the ensuing mayhim, the gunman was himself taken down by U.S. Capitol Police. Authorities have identified […]


KARMA: 2 Suicide Bombers Die After Their Suicide Belt Accidentally

2 female suicide bombers were killed before they reached their terror target, police in Nigeria said. Borno State Police said that the incident unfolded around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, near a busy market in Auno, Konduga. According to the police investigation, the suicide bombers were on a mission to blow themselves up at the Maiduguri […]


ISIS Leader Who Held Sex Slaves Hears Buzzing And Realizes

A leader of ISIS who is known to have enslaved many women and children in a village of Iraq has reportedly died in an airstrike. An ISIS leader who provided the group with the religious justification for turning “infidel” women into sex slaves was killed earlier this week in a U.S. airstrike, according to reports […]


Suicide Attack On Turkish Military Checkpoint Caught On Cam [RAW

If you need a reminder of how sick and twisted these people are, just take a look at this cowardly act carried out at a military checkpoint. This is exactly the reason why we cannot stand idly by and allow this evil to continue. From the footage, you can see two Turkish troops walking out […]


Police Release Video of London Bridge Terrorists Dying in a

The police have released a video of the police shooting and killing all three terrorists involved in the London Bridge attack.  Because of it’s graphic nature, viewer discretion is advised.  Just after all three terrorists stabbed a man, who was able to get up and run away, the police opened fire, spending approximately 50 rounds, […]


Karma Strikes – Iran Attacked By ISIS Terrorist

ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack on two targets in Iran this morning. The terrorist group says that their soldiers of Muhammad attacked both the Iranian parliament and the Shrine of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Official sources within the Iranian government say that two security guards have been killed and more than 30 people […]


Muslim Convert Arrested After London Bridge Terror Attack [VIDEO]

A mother of an 18-month old child, Charisse O’Leary, 38 years-old, was believed to one of the seven women arrested by authorities following the Saturday night. Five men were also arrested during the raid in connection with the terror attack. Charisse O’Leary, 38, screamed ‘don’t shoot’ as police stormed a block of flats in Barking, […]


Paris Suffers New Terrorist Attack, Suspect Shot

Authorities in Paris are currently investigating an apparent terrorist attack on a police officer by a man armed with a hammer. A spokesperson said the man assaulted the police officer outside the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, bashing him in the head with a large hammer. Police are calling the attack an act of […]


Several Dead In Monday Morning Orlando Shooting

Just one week before the anniversary of the terrorist shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando by Muslim fanatic, Omar Mateen, gun fire has apparently left more victims in the city. But this time, police say there does not appear to be any connection to Terrorism. Officers were called to a shooting in Orlando’s […]

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